Meat Your Taste Real Butcher Shops

Top Butcher Shops in Wellington County and Guelph

For excellent selection and quality visit these outstanding Taste RealOM butcher shops and see what they have to offer. We asked each of them for their signature ingredient or 'must taste item' - they are worth a try!

What Can You Expect From Your Local Butcher?

  1. Selection and Quality
    Each Taste Real butcher has a strong relationship with their local suppliers and can make conscious choices to ensure they are consistently providing our palettes with traditional and new tastes with outstanding flavours.
  2. Personal Experience
    Butchers are passionate about what they do and can provide expert service and knowledge about their meat selections. Bring in your recipe and they will be happy to offer their opinion on the best cut of meat.
  3. Keeping Your Dollar Local
    Taste Real butchers procure their meat locally and showcase products from many Wellington County farms. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is processed is an essential ingredient when looking to buy economically and environmentally sustainable meats.
Visit one of these great butcher shops below:

Bella Roma Foods, Guelph

Bella Roma Foods prides itself on  carrying  products that are locally sourced and farm fresh. Having a bbq? In-laws coming over for dinner? Bella Roma Foods will work one-on-one with customers to meets their needs.

Must Taste Item: Mild Italian and Hot Italian Pork Sausage. Our meat is ground and spiced in-house and all of our sausage is hand-made. We use a natural casing for all of our sausage and they are gluten and filler free.

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Dar's Country Market, Elora

Dar's is always happy to customize an order for you. Cutting their own meat ensures the freshest and highest quality product for you.

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Fraberts Fresh Foods, Fergus

Fraberts Fresh Food offers a full range of local meat products. They proudly sell fresh local chicken from Abate Packers in Arthur, delicious pork chops (smoked and fresh), and the best steaks in town. They have a full service deli counter featuring roast beef, ham, roast turkey breast, and pork loin roasted in-store. Fraberts brings in fresh Ontario lamb at Easter and locally raised turkeys at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Must Taste Item: Our very own store made sausages!

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Harriston Packing Co., Harriston

Serving the finest meat products since 1967, Harriston Packing Company provides fresh beef, pork and smoked meats as well as custom processing including slaughter, cutting, smoking, burgers and sausage processing upon customer request. They are able to provide large quantity boxed meats for local fundraising programs while keeping the quality and freshness of each cut.

Must Taste Item: Smoked Pork Chops. These chops are sweetly pickled and naturally smoked; juicy, tender and full of great flavor.

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Market Fresh, Guelph

'Your local "meating" place'. Market Fresh is your local, fresh and wholesome gourmet market, and they very passionate about food and the community. Their Butcher Shoppe offers local fresh meats for any occasion. Be sure to give them a call to place your custom order.

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Meat the Butcher, Mount Forest

Your small town butcher shop where time-honoured techniques are used to prepare fresh meat specialties. Come meet Ernie and see the wide selection of local foods, store-made sausages, burgers, entrees, cheese, baking, honey, jams and more that he has in stock. They sell beef, pork, and a variety of freezer packs as well.

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Rowe Farms, Guelph

Rowe Farms is a provider of meats that are locally grown, antibiotic free, hormone free with vegetarian diets and raised with the highest level of animal welfare standards. They are committed to conscientious farming with a focus centred on the long-term sustainability of our food supply. With decades of experience, they are able to provide a broad selection of flawlessly crafted meat cuts and an assortment of deli products.

Must Taste Item: Rowe-tisserie chicken

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Valeriote's Market and Butchery, Guelph

Valeriote's Market is your friendly neighbourhood fresh market featuring hand-made homestyle foods. Valeriote's makes it easy for you by roasting their beef, pork and chicken right in store. You can also pick up store-made hummus, salsa, dressings and Aioli dips for your feast! Talk to them about their traditional style sausage and meat specialties

Must Taste Item: House-aged Rib Eye Steak

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Wellington Country Marketplace, Guelph/Eramosa 

Wellington Country Marketplace is a third generation butcher shop originating in 1934 from Brenda's grandfather. Brenda and her team prepare several types of sausage including Italian, honey garlic, a breakfast sausage and their specialty, farmer's sausage.

Must Taste Item: Scrumptious Apple Harvest Sausage

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