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A Saturday Morning At The Minto Farmers' Market

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I’ve gone to my share of farmers' markets in the last couple of years but I’ve never had quite as much fun than this past Saturday at the Minto Farmers' Market in Palmerston! This small town farmers' market was unlike any market I have visited before. It’s not just a market to grab your market haul for the week but it is a place where you can go back in time, hop on a train or a hand car if you are feeling adventurous and learn some of the town’s history.

On the train right before taking off on a ride through the Palmerston Lions Heritage Park

Palmerston, located in the Town of Minto is a small town in north-western Wellington County, about a 45 min drive from Guelph or the Kitchener/Waterloo area. The area is famous for their rich railway history, as it served as a major connection point for a number of western Ontario lines.

The Minto Farmers’ Market is very unique as is located on a train platform at the historic Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum, right beside Ontario’s longest pedestrian bridge! Not to mention it’s situated right in Palmerston Lions Heritage Park, where there are trails, waterfalls, a pool, a park and a splash pad you can visit. It’s definitely a market worth making a little Saturday morning family trip to.

Ontario peaches brought in from Niagara

The beauty of this market is not only its vendors but the community and place of history it brings to life for the people of Palmerston and its visitors. Every Saturday morning from June 'till the end of August, you are able to experience the charm that this small market has to offer. You can get your fill of locally grown fruits and vegetables, both organic and non-organic as well as freshly baked bread, home-baked goods, maple syrup, preserves, meats and cheese to plants and variety of unique artisan products.

shelf of preserved goods   pints of red and purple raspberries

jars of honey   basket of bread loafs

I would definitely advise to get to the market early as the market is at its peak right when it opens. I was there just before nine and I witnessed a big rush of people just as nine rolled around. In fact some vendors were out of their best stuff by half past nine!

The vendors are all kind and will greet you with a smile and answer any questions you may have about their products. The market was full of all the best that summer has to offer when I visited this past Saturday (in early August). I found blueberries, raspberries, peaches, cherries, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, beets, and so many other delicious fruits and veggies at the market. I also had the pleasure to try a piece of focaccia and a butter tart from one of the vendors!

basket of beets    basket of harvest apples

basket of bunched green onion    basket of green and yellow zucchini

After I finished some of my market shopping and taste testing, I met up with Felix, the Town of Minto summer student working in the Railway Museum, who took me on a train ride through the Heritage Lions Park. It was a very nice experience and a great way to enjoy the summer breeze on such a beautiful day!

Sassy Tomato blogger ready for the train ride through The Palmerston Lions Heritage Park

Once we got back to the museum, Felix took me on the second adventure of the day: the hand car. I had never gone on a hand car before but before I knew it I was on the car and off on an adventurous and speedy ride down the train tracks! Going on the hand car was definitely something different and something you don’t usually get to do, especially at a farmers’ market! I really had so much fun and I would go back just to ride that hang car one more time (or maybe participate in the annual Hand Car races at the end on June!).

Sassy Tomato blogger standing on the hand car

I was at the Minto Farmers’ Market on a regular weekend but it’s also great to note that there are various events throughout the season – Family Day, Breakfast at the Market, Strawberry Social, and the annual Corn Roast and Corn on the Cob eating contest at the Palmerston Agricultural Fair which happens in August.

For those following me on my Instagram, I hope you got to follow me along on my adventure this past Saturday at The Minto Farmer’s Market. I can’t wait to share the videowith you that I took during my visit. Stay tuned!

two people sitting on bench

For more information on the Minto Farmers’ Market in Palmerston see, for information on the Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum, see For more information on local food in Wellington County, visit

- Sassy

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