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    Holiday Food and Gift Guide

    Looking for unique gift ideas, decorations or ingredients for your holiday meals? Local farmers, retailers and artisans await.

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    Christmas Trees

    Create memories and cut your own Christmas tree this year! Grab a sled and select your own unique tree to brighten up your home.

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    Caterers and Personal Chefs

    Personalized trays to full size event catering - here are some great local caterers and personal chefs to help with all of your holiday catering needs. Ask for their local food options!

    bookshelf of jarred preserves

    Preserved Goodness

    Preserving fruit and vegetables is one way to continue enjoying the local bounty over the winter months. Learn canning tips and discover where you can buy locally made preserves.

    texas longhorn cattle in field


    If you ever get the chance to visit Ron Chauvin’s Circle Four Farms, go. The farm’s 115 acres includes some of the most serene countryside you’re ever likely to tour. But that’s not all. Texas Long Horn cattle graze alongside Gypsy Vanner horses on fertile pasture.

    farmer snuggling with goat

    Uncovering Wellington - Top Market Meats

    When you first meet Leslie Zinger, you quickly understand how she has built a successful farm business raising livestock. She cares deeply about the welfare of her animals, is passionate about a great product, and is a natural when it comes to building strong relationships with clients.

    man gathering birch sap from tree with dog

    UNCOVERING WELLINGTON - Wagram Springs Farm

    When most of us think of ‘tapping trees’ we develop a mental picture of mature forests dripping sap ready to be harvested for that great Canadian elixir: maple syrup. Few of us would think of what’s becoming Canada’s other splendid native condiment, derived from trees no less familiar to the Canadian landscape and mindscape – the elegant birch.

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