girl eating corn on the cob in a field

    Sweet Corn

    The best time to eat your sweet corn is as soon as possible after harvest. Its natural sugars decline quickly, so the sooner you eat it, the sweeter. Click here to get your corn farm fresh!

    child in blue polkadot dress hanging onto a container seedling

    Plant Nurseries and Flowers

    Spring is here and we can’t wait to get growing! Discover local seedings, plant sales, container gardening, and much more. Visit Wellington County for all of your gardening needs.

    hands holding ice cream cones

    Frozen Treats

    Not just for a hot summer day - ice cream is definitely one of our best loved desserts year-round, but there are many other local flavours and frozen treats to pick from!

    hand carrying a plate of gourmet cooked food

    Time To Celebrate

    There can be nothing better than spending time shared with friends and those you love while enjoying local food. Local restaurants and breweries are designed just to do that.

    hand holding a taste real local food map

    Uncovering Wellington - Taste Mapping

    Wellington County is FOOD. Known internationally as a centre for Agri Food Excellence, Guelph/ Wellington has a lot to offer locally. Its excellent local food fabric, woven through the region, is deeply rooted in agricultural tradition and entrepreneurial spirit.

    hands wrapping sheep cheese


    ‘Our focus is sustainable farming practices, environmentalism, and quality.’  Best Baa products range from tasty sheep’s milk and creamy sheep’s milk yogurt to mouth-watering feta and sheep’s milk cream cheese.

    texas longhorn cattle in field


    If you ever get the chance to visit Ron Chauvin’s Circle Four Farms, go. The farm’s 115 acres includes some of the most serene countryside you’re ever likely to tour. But that’s not all. Texas Long Horn cattle graze alongside Gypsy Vanner horses on fertile pasture.

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