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    It's Sap Season!

    Canadians produce and consume Maple Syrup by the gallon. It's no surprise as we love its naturally sweet flavour. Enjoy it in confections, BBQ sauces, on breakfast foods, or even poured over snow!

    plate with eggs benedict

    On Weekends We BRUNCH

    Brunch has become one of our favourite weekend eats. Whether at home or at a local restaurant, it's a lovely way to share a great meal with friends and family.

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    Meat Your Taste Real Butcher Shops

    Knowing where your food comes from and how it is processed is an essential ingredient when looking to buy economically and environmentally sustainable meats.

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    Time To Celebrate

    There can be nothing better than spending time shared with friends and those you love while enjoying local food. Local restaurants and breweries are designed just to do that.

    hands wrapping sheep cheese


    ‘Our focus is sustainable farming practices, environmentalism, and quality.’  Best Baa products range from tasty sheep’s milk and creamy sheep’s milk yogurt to mouth-watering feta and sheep’s milk cream cheese.

    texas longhorn cattle in field


    If you ever get the chance to visit Ron Chauvin’s Circle Four Farms, go. The farm’s 115 acres includes some of the most serene countryside you’re ever likely to tour. But that’s not all. Texas Long Horn cattle graze alongside Gypsy Vanner horses on fertile pasture.

    farmer snuggling with goat

    Uncovering Wellington - Top Market Meats

    When you first meet Leslie Zinger, you quickly understand how she has built a successful farm business raising livestock. She cares deeply about the welfare of her animals, is passionate about a great product, and is a natural when it comes to building strong relationships with clients.

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