Trick AND Treat

Here is your guide to some spooky and fun-TASTE-ic outings leading up to Halloween!

1. Elora Monster Month

There are so many reasons to visit beautiful Elora this month! Get a drink or a bite to eat The Elora Brewing Company and stroll around Elora admiring many spooky paper and wire creatures that haunt the town day and night. Additional attractions include Lantern Tours and the popular Monster March Parade.

2. Halloween Treats

Not just for kids: With the Grain's Halloween treats are available every day leading up to October 31. Pop in for a hot drink and treat or place an order for the whole family!

3. Jack O'Lantern

Pick your locally grown pumpkin at the nearest pumpkin patch or farm store and get creative. For pumpkin-carving inspirations, see here.

No Waste: A great bonus - your Jack O'Lantern can spread joy, even after Halloween. Here are some quick tips:

  • Take your carved pumpkin to a neighbourhood pumpkin promenade, such as this one at the Two River's Neighbourhood Group in Guelph
  • Donate to a local livestock farmer as a treat for their animals, see Top Market Meats' Pumpkin and Pig Party. (Please note: carved pumpkins only- leave your painted ones at home. Check our Facebook page for other farmers accepting pumpkins close to Halloween)
  • Or simply compost your pumpkin. It makes great garden soil for next years veggie garden!

4. Spirit Walks at the Poor House

Visit the Wellington County Museum and Archives, a National Historic Site formerly known as the Poor House and join this popular 'Spirit Walk'. After you've 'met characters' of the Poor House's past, round out the evening and head for dinner at the Breadalbane Inn (Fergusson Room Pub or Scozia) or the Brew House on the Grand in Fergus, known as the most haunted town in Canada.

5. A-MAZE-ing Fall Fun

It's always a good time to visit a farm! Let Mapleton's Organic Dairy's cedar hedge maze and fall festival activities or Strom's Farm corn maze add to your seasonal experience! Thatcher Farms is offering a specal Night Maze for 3 nights only. Be sure to bring your flashlight!

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