Did you know that?
  • The first appendectomy in North America was performed in Wellington County by Dr. Abraham Groves of Fergus.
  • The first woman competitor in an international plowing match came from Wellington County - Ethel May (Maisie) Nicklin
  • The oldest curling club in Ontario is in Fergus.
  • David Boyle, whose collection of artifacts was the basis of the Royal Ontario Museum lived in Wellington County.
  • The first small pox vaccination farm in Canada was in Wellington County - Palmerston.
  • John Connon, inventor of the panoramic camera and roll film lived in Wellington County.
  • The Clarke Institute is named for Dr. Charles Kirk Clarke who was Directory of the Provincial Asylum, Professor of Psychiatry and Dean of the Medical Faculty, University of Toronto. Dr. Clarke was born and raised in Elora.

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