Maker Kits

Maker Kits are new and now ready to check out at Wellington County Library!

Check out one of our Maker Kits today and learn computer programming, coding, robotics and more. Maker Kits are designed to facilitate learning and play for all ages and skill levels. Each kit comes with a piece of new technology, accessories if required, and some instructions to help get you started.

Kits are available for a 3 week loan and will be available to borrow from any library branch. If the kit you want is checked out, simply place a hold.

Please note that some of the links provided below are to commercial sites. They are for your information only, and do not represent an endorsement from the County of Wellington.

Nintendo Switch

Bring the latest Nintendo console home and play as a handheld game or on the big screen! Everything you need is in the kit, but they must be checked out on an adult card and video games circulate separately.

Podcast Kit

Start your very own podcast with this portable kit. It includes a microphone, sound mixer, and other gadgets - all you need is your own computer or use one of our public computers. Checked out on adult cards only.

YouTube Kit

Start your own YouTube channel! This kit comes with a Canon SL2 DSLR camera, Rode external microphone, and mini tripod. All you need is a computer to edit your video files on, or use on of our public computers! Checked out on adult cards only.


Bit is the world's smallest smart robot. This right brain - left brain integrating bot builds both creativity and coding skills in ages 6 and up. Advance from basic colour coding to intermediate block-based programming with Bit. For more information, visit

Oracle Hype Headset

Experience virtual reality using your own smartphone or other compatible device and our VR headset. Download free apps through your app store, insert your device into the headset, and explore the latest VR games, stories, and more!

PlayStation 4 Console

Play the newest video games at home. The console comes with two controllers and all required cables to hook up to your HDMI-compatible TV. This item can be checked out on adult cards only, and video games circulate separately.

GoPro Hero 4

Capture every adventure with a Go Pro Hero 4 camera. Using the latest software to capture high-quality video content, this is a must-try tech. Each kit comes with the camera and various accessories and mounts to record in high-definition. Don't forget to save your videos to your personal device before returning the kit to the library! Adult cards only.


Take a closer look at the natural world with our new binocular sets! Each kit comes with a pair of Vortex Diamondback binoculars and the Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America. 

Project MC2 Circuit Beats

Make music out of almost anything! Complete an electrical circuit to turn bananas into a piano. Or use a flower, glass of water, ice cream - whatever you can dream up that conducts electricity -- and 4 other sound options to bang out more beats.


Investigate the world around you in a whole new way with one of our microscopes. Each kits comes with prepared slides, making it easy to learn about cell structure and growth. To learn more about how the microscope works, click here.


Cubelets are robot blocks that easily connect to form robots that inspire kids and adults to become better thinkers. Each Cubelet performs a specific function, and when combined, creates a robot capable of different actions. For more information, visit .


The Arduino is a microcontroller that can be programmed to complete basic tasks in combination with other electronics. Users can write their own code, and then use it to program the circuit board. Our Maker Kit comes with the Arduino Starter package complete with circuit board, and Arduino For Dummies. For more information, visit


Dash is a fun robot that is used in conjunction with an app that is downloaded on any smartphone or tablet. Control his movements, noises and more, or program him to complete basic courses. Our Maker Kit comes with Dash and instructions on which apps can be downloaded for free on your own devices. For more information, visit the Wonder Workshop website at

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is a simple kit that allows anyone to turn everyday objects into a touchpad, like a keyboard, that interacts with your computer. Anything that conducts electricity can be used to complete a circuit. Our Maker Kit comes with the complete MaKey MaKey kit, including circuit board, alligator clips, and USB cord. For more information visit

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer that is capable of running simple programs on its own. The circuit board can support it's own operating system and then can be used in a variety of projects. Our Maker Kit comes with the circuit board, various accessories, and Raspberry Pi For Dummies. For more information visit their website at


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