Trees for Minto

Trees for Minto was established in 2014 as a local initiative to increase  forest cover in the Town of Minto. Similar to Trees for Mapleton, the steering committee is made is made up of local landowners and technical advisers and includes the following:

  • Maitland Valley Conservation Authority 
  • Wellington County
  • The Green Legacy Programme
  • Town of Minto
  • Local Mennonite community members
  • Local landowners

A grant of $10,000 was made to the group by the Wellington County Stewardship Committee in 2015 to assist with future tree planting projects. The Town of Minto and staff make contributions to the budget. 

In 2015 the group hosted an evening farm workshop meeting, including a dinner. Guest speakers included:

  • Peter Williams of Williams and Associated Forest Consultant
  • Rob Johnson of the Green Legacy Programme
  • Geoff King of the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

In the spring of 2015, two tree planting projects were completed with local parochial schools in Minto.  

Advertising occurred in 2016 to connect with landowners interested in tree planting. Crop yield benefits associated with windbreaks were a part of the focus. The group focused on the retirement of marginal farm lands, watercourse buffers, living snow fences and farm shelterbelts around livestock facilities. Site visits were arranged with interested owners to gauge interest. The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority worked with landowners to develop planting plans.

This program continues to support tree planting initiatives throughout the Town of Minto.  

For more information contact:

Minto Administrator
Annilene McRobb

Jared James