The Warden's Tree Planting

The Green Legacy Programme is responsible for organizing the Warden’s Tree Planting which has been an annual event for County and member Municipal staff since 2006.

The site chosen for the planting is located within the current Warden’s municipality when possible. Over the years, the plantings have occurred on privately owned lands, conservation authority lands, a municipal storm water management area, schools, local park, the County nursery, County landfill site and a religious retreat location. The types of plantings have ranged from farm windbreaks, living snow fences along roads, wetland buffers, conservation lands and urban parks. 

Staff appreciate the opportunity to volunteer their time and get out of the office to plant the trees. The 100 plus staff that attend this annual event have planted 2,000 - 3,000 seedlings at the sites over the years. Current years we have focused on planting larger potted stock. 

The Warden’s Planting is an excellent opportunity for building team spirit, fostering a land ethic and building our Green Legacy.

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