Covid and Volunteering at the Green Legacyᴼᴹ

As of August 2021, the Green Legacy continues to be closed for volunteering.  We will update this page as we learn of opportunities to involve our volunteer community, so please subscribe to this page or check regularly to receive updates. 

In the meantime, please email if you have any questions or ideas about remotely participating with our programme. 

Stay safe, and we are really looking forward to growing trees with you again one day soon! 


As soon as we can return to offering opportunities, this is what they can look like:

Eaton Electrical volunteers planting white pine seedings in styroblock

Looking for a team building experience that gets you out of the office and into the community? Come to The Green Legacy. We offer many team building volunteer experiences working in a relaxed outdoor environment. If you like to get your hands dirty, work hard, and have fun, then this is the place to be!

While at The Green Legacy, volunteers work together completing the many of the important tasks needed to successfully grow trees. Watering, weeding, seeding, and transplanting, are just some of the fun activities that your organization can be a part of. It's a great way to give back to your community, better the environment, and have fun learning with your co-workers.

Large gazebo with picnic tables

Come for the day or just a few hours, it's all up to you!

If you would like to spend the whole day at the nursery, we have outdoor lunch space available in our beautiful covered pavilion. Enjoy the scenic view of the Green Legacy pond while you take a break. Bring your lunch or take advantage of our on-site BBQ and bring something delicious to cook up for your whole group. We have room for up to 30 or more people.

The Green Legacy nursery is located next to County of Wellington's Little Tract forest, with kilometres of hiking trails winding through 200 acres of mature trees. We also offer a staff-guided hike, exploring various forests, looking at different plants, and finding evidence of local wildlife. We will work with you to plan a great day that meets the needs of your organization. Contact Kenton Bossy to book your visit today!

Use the button below to download our Corporate Volunteering application form.View of pond from Green Legacy picnic shelter

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