PA Day Programming

PA Day Programming

Join us Friday, June 4 for PA Day fun! Register for a Scientists in School virtual workshop, pick up an activity kit, or check out our collection for more fun things to keep your family busy. Speak to staff at your local branch for details and to register.


Colour My World at 10:30 am

Colour is everywhere! Without it our world would be a very dull place. Use colour to watch water defy gravity, explore rainbows and create a sun catcher. Use chemistry to create new colours. Curious? Come and explore some colourful science.


Investigate It at 10:30 am

Be a detective! Test your powers of observation and deduction as you use forensic science to solve the mystery of the missing car. Fingerprints, footprints, handwriting analysis and more… Can you identify the culprit?


Good Clean Fun at 2:00 pm

Fun with soap and water? You’ll be astonished when you investigate surface tension; explore the chemistry behind bath bombs; and make your own to use at home. It’ll be an explosion of chemical fun!




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