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Would you like to contribute to the Green Legacy Programme, but don’t have time to volunteer at the nursery? Financial donations to the Green Legacy are always greatly appreciated. Your contribution helps us work towards increasing the environmental benefits of trees including expanded community forest cover. Donating to the Green Legacy Programme also allows us to continue offering many behind-the-scenes services that remove barriers to greening our community while engaging and educating new environmental stewards.  

How your donations help your Community:                                                                   

Tree saplings planted in a row beside a cornfield

Supporting farmers and great agricultural practices.

The Green Legacy works with our local farming community to remove barriers and place more trees on farms in the form of windbreaks, living snow fences and stream buffer plantings. By planting trees in these locations on farmland, we can protect precious top soil and keep the County of Wellington’s water ways clear and free of contaminating runoff.

Offering volunteer opportunities to vulnerable members of our community. 

This includes youth who are unemployed, community members with special needs, and individuals involved with the justice system. The nursery offers a healthy workplace to learn new skills and build a resume for pursuing employment and contributing to our community.

Offering independent study and co-op opportunities to Secondary and Post-Secondary students.

Teenagers transplanting tree seedlings into cells

These roles give students real-life experience and insight into reforestation efforts and tactile data to enhance their educational experience.

Mentoring other communities to build similar programmes. 

The Green Legacy is the largest municipal tree planting programme in North America. We answer questions, host tours, and guide and support interested community groups to help them develop similar initiatives in their areas. This helps to increase forest cover across the province and country!

By increasing forest cover, the County of Wellington is protecting the water quality of three Great Lakes.

Tree seedlings in a greenhouseThe County of Wellington resides in five watersheds. What does that mean? Our municipalities make up parts of the headwaters of the Maitland and Saugeen Watersheds, meaning all water runoff that ends up in ditches, streams and rivers flows into Lake Huron. There are also County properties in the Credit and Halton Watersheds, whose water flows into Lake Ontario. The greatest part of the County of Wellington lies in the Grand River Watershed, where water flows into Lake Erie. Using trees to control soil erosion not only keeps the County’s provincially-acclaimed soils in place for use in our vibrant agriculture industry, but also prevents nutrients in the soil from entering our waterways and contaminating our local waterbodies and the Great Lakes.

Young students transplanting tree seedlings

The Green Legacy wants to thank our community for 19 years of support and looks forward to many more years of working together and keeping the County green and healthy!


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