Indigenous Gathering Circle

Indigenous Gathering Circle at Wellington Place 


0536 Wellington County Road 18, Fergus                     

Indigenous staff work for the County of Wellington. We are also community members who live and play here. We have families – this is home.                                                                                                                                      

When the IAC was established in 2020, we began to use the 4 Sacred Medicines to guide us in our work. We needed space to plant and harvest the medicines to ensure an ongoing supply and hoped to be able to share these harvests eventually with our Indigenous neighbours who also expressed need for access to land.

The County of Wellington offered natural, accessible space for the IAC to grow the medicines. From a small request, grew a much greater plan – and the Gathering Circle was born.

Through discussion with Indigenous allies, community partners and County staff, the Gathering Circle will be a place for healing, education and gathering on the land. This space will provide an alternative for community partners to meet with their Indigenous clients and opportunity for precontact flora to re-establish back into this natural setting.

We are honoured to offer this alternative meeting space – and look forward to nurturing ongoing relationships as this space evolves and grows in the years to come.

On our path to Reconciliation, this is a humble example of what meaningful action looks like in Wellington County.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those involved who have supported this project. It is greatly appreciated.


Colleen Brunelle

Concept Aerial 3D image.  Brown area illustrates Gathering Circle boundary. 

Various native species will be reintroduced into this space over multiple years.

Gathering Circle concept drawing - aerial view   








Stones laid January 2023

Gathering Circle Stones image


Conversation with Members of the Community.

Disclaimer: Information presented in this video was accurate at the time of conversation, however information contained herein may have changed due to planning decisions outside the control of the Indigenous Advisory Committee. 

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