Learn it, Make it, Take it, Art Workshops

Learn it, Make it, Take it, Art Workshops 2019

Art and Skills Workshops at the Wellington County Museum.

A series of workshops for anyone who would like to build a skill, create something amazing, and take it, and your new skills, home with you!

Workshops run throughout the month of July and each feature a skilled teacher who can help you to create something amazing.  Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with other people who are keen to learn alongside you as you all build your skills together.  Each class also includes a complimentary breakfast to help get you started on your day.  Please join us it’s going to be a blast!  Space is limited to keep class sizes small so please register today!

Workshops run from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, unless otherwise stated.

  • Enrolment is limited, so register early!
  • Classes may include a supply list or kit fee payable to the instructor. Please call for more information.
  • Continental Breakfast is provided each day and an hour is set aside for lunch. Lunch not provided.
  • To register by phone with a credit card, call:
  • 519.846.0916 x 5221, or toll free: 1.800.663.0750 x 5221

Available Courses:

Painting of Glass Using Stencils and Stamps With Heather Wood

July 8-12, 2019

Price: $375.00 +HST, materials extra 

glass painting artStudents will learn  traditional glass painting techniques including matting and tracing, as well as some alternative methods, such as stamping and stencils, to apply vitreous glass enamels.    We will also investigate scraffito and other mark making as well colour mixing and working with enamel powders.

We will use a playful approach to create designs and drawings on platters or bowls, tiles, jewelry and small  wall or window panel. You will learn how to cut glass as well as how to fire these pieces in a kiln.

This course is suitable for all skill levels.  Tools and materials  will be provided and this includes firing costs. 

Photography Explorations with Sylvia Galbraith

July 8-12, 2019

Cost: $425 +HST, materials extra

painting of forest with reflection on pondSkill level:  All

Designed to take advantage of dramatic changes in weather and light, this project-based photography workshop will introduce you to topics such as visual design, understanding light, developing a concept, critiquing, and more. Using the historic Wellington County Museum in Elora as our base, we’ll explore the area’s dramatic Elora Gorge, stunning landscapes, botanical gardens, historic architecture and village scenes in ways that will inspire and challenge you. 

The week includes a combination of lectures and slide presentations, practice exercises and editing sessions, with participants working towards developing a cohesive body of work.  Time will be available for practical instruction in camera settings and photo editing, as well as discussions on black & white photography, colour theory, composition, exhibition and presentation methods. We’ll also explore methods of visualization, and work with abstractions, allowing participants to appreciate and engage with their subject in uncommon ways. 

Participants will receive individual and group critiques throughout the week, and will have an opportunity to learn editing skills using Photoshop or Lightroom.  Each day will include time shooting, with one longer field trip to the Elora Gorge later in the week.

Students should be prepared for shooting in all weather conditions, and expect to do some moderate walking.  Some of the best photographic opportunities arise in dramatic weather, so good raingear, hiking shoes or boots, a hat and sunscreen are all recommended.

Required equipment: 

  • DSLR, or advanced mirrorless camera with manual controls
  • Extra battery, several memory cards
  • a sturdy tripod


  • extra lenses – wide angle, telephoto
  • laptop or computer with basic editing software (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)


 Medieval Illumination and Gilding: Historiated and Inhabited Illuminated Letters with Debbie Thompson Wilson 

July 15-19, 2019

Cost: $400+HST, materials extra

gilding artIn this class we will be basing our illuminations on images of illuminated capital letters which could contain an illustration inside the letter from the text on the page or be inhabited by various creatures or characters. We will look at a range of styles and explore some of the ways the medieval imagination incorporated images in capital letters. There will be time to work on guided personal projects. Lots of resource images will be available or you can bring your own. Instruction on painting methods and gilding (using real gold leaf) is included.

Tapestry Weaving with Megan Cleland

July 15-19, 2019 

Cost: $375+HST, materials extra

tapestryWe will look at different ways to create a woven hanging, using branches, frames and dowels and a rag rug or pillow at the end of the week. Tapestry weaving is very portable and fun. This course will guide the student through different weaving techniques as they explore their own creative process within this wonderful medium of art. Tapestry weaving can be created using unique found objects from Thrift stores and even old clothes made in strips and woven. Participants will learn various weaving techniques suitable for creating both geometric and organic designs while exploring form, colour and texture. 


 Exploring Oil and Cold Wax Medium with Laurie Skantzos

July 22-26, 2019

Cost: $400+HST, materials extra

oil and cold wax artWelcome to a five day workshop exploring the world of oil and cold wax. This medium is a true game changer for people interested in working with oils. We will be layering, scraping back, using solvent reductions, adding pastels, stamps and stencils, and much more. Experimenting with a variety of tools such as brayers, clay modeling tools and “squeegies”, we will create richly layered paintings.


Introduction to Felting and Felt Pet Portraits with Megan Cleland

July 22-26, 2019 

Cost: $375+HST, materials extra

Felt dog artLearn the basics of needle-felting a realistic portrait of your subject. Colour theory is discussed to enable the student to understand what colours bring the subject forward and recede. Blending the wool, and transferring their image onto a suitable background. Framing or finishing their portrait is discussed. The student leaves the class with the knowledge to continue to create a needle felted portrait at home 


 How to Create an Abstract Painting with Marg Peter

July 27-28, 2019

Cost: $150+HST, materials extra

abstract paintingAbstracts can be planned or unplanned. The focus will be on "planned". Explore strategies that will allow you to create an exciting abstract. Lots of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. 


Portrait Drawing for Beginners with David Caesar

July 29-31, 2019 

Cost: $225+HST, materials extra

portrait of DavidThis exciting course is designed for people of all levels of ability. Over the two days of the program we will go over basic proportions of the human head and features and come away with a finished drawing from a photo of each students' choice. We will follow a prescribed, traditional method of drawing a portrait, have a brief overview of light and shadow and discuss methods of rendering. A selection of photos are provided, but students are encouraged to bring photos that they feel some connection to. Intimidated? Don't be! We've got this. Get ready for a fun time!

Introduction to Gothic Blackletter with Wendy Hardy

July 29-31, 2019

Cost: $225+HST, materials extra

Gothic blackletterDon your monk’s habit and join Wendy for a trip back into the middle ages. This course is suitable for beginners, or anyone wanting to refresh their knowledge. Gothic Blackletter is a formal, technical hand that requires patience and practice. This is a good hand to begin with as it doesn't require pressure and release techniques or pen manipulation.  After several days of lettering, you will have a firm knowledge of your pen and the letterforms. On the last afternoon we will take samples from our worksheets and bind them into a medieval girdle book (without the girdle). We will be working with the Pilot Parallel Pen 3.8mm (green cap) and black ink cartridges (after all it is called blackletter). Everything you need will be supplied by the instructor.


Supply fee of $50.00 is payable to the instructor at the first class.




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