For Old Time Sake: The Clock Collection of the Hon. Rob Black

Open until May 29, 2022

A Wellington County Collects Exhibit 

Discover what makes the Honourable Rob Black's clocks tick!  Immerse yourself in the complex inner workings of these unique time pieces with interactive hands-on activities. Learn all about how to tell time and the history of these amazing devices. 

“The fact that these clocks are over one hundred years old and still working amazes me;” says the Honourable Rob Black of Fergus. “I am fascinated by the history and the working mechanisms of my antique clocks, so simple and yet complex in many ways.”

Virtual Programmes 

Check out some fun online programming! Check back often for more updates!

 Clock Talks #1 (video) - Meet the Hon. Rob Black  

Meet The Hon. Rob Black and learn about his collection and a few of his favourite items on display. 

 Clock Talks #2 (video) -   Curator of Exhibit  

Meet Amy Dunlop, Curator of the Wellington Collects series, and discover her favourite item on display. 

 Clock Talks #3 (video) - How Clocks Work 

Meet Katie Clark, Programme Assistant at Wellington County Museum and Archives, and discover the simple mechanics of how these early clocks work.

Clock Talks #4 (webinar)  Virtual Presentation - The Canadian Clock Museum (April 6 at 7:00 pm) 

The Stories behind the Two Centuries of Canadian Clocks in The Canadian Clock Museum

Join Allan Symons, Founder and Manager of The Canadian Clock Museum, for a virtual 3D tour and presentation as he showcases the stories behind the many companies that designed and made clocks in Canada from the late 1800s to the late 1900s. Included will be some unique examples from the museum's collection.

The Canadian Clock Museum opened to the public in May 2000 in Deep River, Ontario and is located in the former Calvary Pentecostal Church dated 1962. The non-profit museum is now on its twenty-third year showcasing the many makers and companies that manufactured and sold these clocks in Canada during the past two centuries.

The museum's collection totals more than three thousand artifacts including alarm, mantel, wall, and grandfather clocks, some of which date as early as the 1820s . The museum also houses an excellent reference library with more than six hundred books plus hundreds of horological magazine issues.


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For more information on the Wellington County Collects exhibition series please contact Amy Dunlop at 519.846.0916 x 5232.

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