Outreach Visits

Outreach Presentation and Speaking Engagements

Looking for an interesting speaker for your group? Our knowledgeable staff love to get out in the community to tell stories of Wellington County's past. Poor House photo from train tracksGreat for seniors organizations, retirement and long-term care homes, church and community groups

  • Programmes include a digital presentation and artefacts to examine while we share stories and memories
  • Available in person or virtually
  • Presentations are 1 hour in length
  • The cost is $50.00 per presentation

To Book an Outreach Presentation
Contact Katie Clarke, Assistant Museum Programmer, at katiec@wellington.ca or call at 519.846.0916 x 5131 

Available Outreach Topics

If These Walls Could Speak
Before we were the Wellington County Museum and Archives, we were the House of Industry and Refuge, or the County Poor House. Explore the social history of how the Poor House was built and the stories of the men and women that both worked and lived in these walls.
All Thing's Scottish
There is a rich history of Scottish settlement in Centre Wellington. Explore the traditions brought to Canada and how they have changed and evolved over the years.
Bells are Ringing
It's the wedding season and time to party! Find your best bridesmaid dress and take a walk down memory lane as you explore the history and changing traditions of weddings and marriage in Wellington County.
Call the Doctor
The Poor House housed some interesting people and Dr. Abraham Groves is one of them. Take a walk through medical history both in the Poor House and County wide.
Canada, Fall In!
Like many Canadians, Wellington County residents would accept the call to war multiple times. From the American Civil War to Peace Keeping in Afghanistan, hear the personal stories of our veterans both on the home front and on the front lines.
Christmas in Wellington County
Everyone likes to celebrate at different times of the year, but why do we have some of the traditions that we do. Discuss with museum staff the history of Christmas in the County and all its decorating, gift-giving, and food traditions.
Fabulous 50s and Sensational 60s
Let's have a groovy time as we look back at some of our favourite fashions, trends, and music of the 50s and 60s. 
Freedom Fighters!
Our forgotten past, our first non-indigenous settlers were in fact refugees and freed men and women from the slave trade. Take a moment to hear their harrowing stories of running to find freedom and a new home.
Hats, Handbags and Handkerchiefs
Fashion is always an interesting way to explore our past. Travel through time and take a look at our changing fashion trends, and styles as well as what may be coming back.
If you can't stand the heat!
For many, the heart of the home is the hearth. That is exactly what we will be discussing in this presentation. Explore the evolution of our homes, kitchens and recipes.
Life on the Farm
Much of Wellington County is made up of farming country. This presentation explores what it takes to be a farmer in the past versus now and the trials that families encountered.
School Days
What better way to start the school year than discovering how education has changed both in Ontario and in Wellington County. Starting from the one-roomed schoolhouses of the past, a lot has changed, let's talk about it.
Seasonal Specific
Wellington County is beautiful no matter the season. Choose a season that most interests you (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn) and discover our County's beauty with museum staff.
Storm's Comin'
Wellington County has seen some amazing and intense weather over the years. Discover how our County was affected and what it took to ensure the safety and well-being of our neighbors. 
Township Specific
Our history is rich and each Township has its stories to tell. If you would like a more in depth history of one of our townships, give us a shout.
Wicked Wellington
The spooky season is upon us! Discover the more macabre history of Wellington County through both Poor House and resident stories.

Or suggest a topic of your choice! We can build a presentation catered to you!

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