The Green Legacy has developed strong partnerships with the Upper Grand District School Board and the Wellington Catholic School Board. Each year, thousands of students participate in the Green Legacy Programme. The programme includes some form of tree planting and a curriculum based component (ie hike or presentation, that focuses on what they've been studying and how planting trees ties into it). The bussing of the intermediate and junior students is paid for by The Green Legacy programme. There are three age categories for the programme.

Kindergarten - Grade 3

Green Legacy staff visit students in kindergarten to grade 3, to give them a presentation and teach them how to grow seedlings in styro-blocks in the classrooms. The trees are started in late winter and collected before the school year ends. All the seeds, trays and supplies are provided by the County of Wellington.

Grade 4-6

Students in grades 4-6 visit the nursery, transplant the seedlings and participate in a 60-90 minute curriculum based, interpretive nature hike.

Grade 7 and 8

The older students plant trees at various locations throughout Wellington County during spring.

High School Students

High school students can volunteer for their 40 hours of community service hours that are required to graduate.

The Green Legacy Kids Who Care Award

Schools with 100% student participation receive the Kids Who Care Award. Presentations are made by Green Legacy Staff and by local municipal Council Members. Students also receive a Green Legacy flag to fly proudly at their school.