Tree Orders

The County of Wellington is distributing over 160,000 trees this year. The County, along with its partner Conservation Authorities, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry promote the planting of trees and care of forests in Wellington County. 

Eligibility Requirements

Trees must be planted in Wellington County and may not be used for resale. Seedlings are distributed free to residents of Wellington County, local environmental groups, service clubs, schools and Wellington's local municipalities. If you would like to support the programme you can make a tax deductible charitable donation. These funds will go towards the educational component of the Green Legacy Programme.  

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Planting Help

Orders of 500+ trees have the option of asking for planting assistance. The Green Legacy Programme may be able to pair you with a local school group to help get all those trees in the ground. These orders may also be eligable for upgrades to potted stock. Let us know on your tree order request form if you're interested. 

Confirmation of Tree Order Requests

Confirmation of the Tree Requests will be emailed or mailed in early April. You will be notified of the date for pick up in your confirmation letter.

How to Pick Up Your Trees

Your trees will be available at the Green Legacy Nursery (southern location - 6714 Wellington Road 34) if you have requested more than 500 trees. If you have requested less than 500 trees, your trees will be available at your local municipality. Municipal Tree Distribution Days occur on a Saturday in late April or early May.

Do You Need Some Tree Advice?

The Ontario Tree Atlas can help.

Just click on the map at the above website and the Tree Atlas will help you:

  • Identify native Ontario tree species using pictures of bark, fruit, cones, leaves and needles
  • Learn which species grow best in your area, including tips on when and how to plant a tree
  • Understand what types of soil and sun exposure will help a tree thrive

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