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The County of Wellington is distributing over 150,000 trees this year. The County, along with its partner Conservation Authorities, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry promote the planting of trees and care of forests in Wellington County. Seedlings are distributed free to residents of Wellington County, local environmental groups, service clubs, schools and Wellington's member municipalities. 

New Ordering Process

It's time for a change!  We hope this new process provides a more reliable experience for residents to requests trees grown by the Green Legacy Programme.  

To place an order, you must be granted access to the order form.  Sign-up opens Monday, September 11, 2023.  Orders will be accepted starting Monday October 2, 2023 at 10:00am.  We strongly suggest creating an account before October 2, 2023 so that you can have access on opening day.  Free trees 'sell out' extremely quickly, some species within the first 15 minutes.

How to Sign Up (Create an Account):
1.  Click "Request Trees".
2.  Click "Sign Up".  Fill in your full name, email, and address.
3.  Staff will then approve your request (provided you meet eligibility requirements).  When approval is granted you will receive an email from "Showroom".  Please check your junk mail if you do not see it in your inbox. You will need to accept the invitation.  

Note:  Approvals will be granted weekdays between 8:30am-4:00pm, excluding holidays.  

How to Order:
1.  Click "Request Trees".
2.  Click "Log In".  Enter your email and password.  First time log in will prompt you to create a password ( minimum 8 characters).  
3.  View the available products and add them to your cart.
4.  Checkout.
5.  You will receive an email from "Inflow Showroom" as a record of your order.  Please check your junk mail if you do not see it in your inbox.  

If you receive the error message UNABLE TO COMPLETE ORDER  it's likely the products in your cart are no longer available.  Please refresh page.  

Note:  We do our best to fulfill all species and quantities requested, however they are not guaranteed. If your order requires modification you will receive an updated order in April 2024.   

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Trees must be planted in Wellington County within one of the seven member municipalities. You may check your property location using Explore Wellington Interactive Map.

Note: The City of Guelph is a separate single tier municipality, not a member municipality.

  • Trees may not be used for resale.
The minimum order is 10 trees (1 bundle) however, larger orders of 50 to 100+ trees are strongly encouraged. Trees are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Planting assistance requires an order of 500+ trees.  

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and Rodent Guards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: When is the best time to submit a Tree Order?
Tree Order Requests open annually in early October. We strongly suggest ordering as early as possible for the best selection. We do our best to fulfill all species and quantities requested, however they are not guaranteed.  We receive hundreds of orders the first day, the majority during the first hour.  Some species are all spoken for within the first 15 minutes.  
Q: Why are there different species available each year?
The diversity of species we grow, and how much, is affected by nature and the production of seeds. To propagate our new tree seedlings, we start them from seeds. When nature does not cooperate, please understand that we are doing our best to grow what we can and see that it is appropriately distributed to all of the Programme participants.
Q: How big are the seedlings that are distributed?
Seedlings average 15-40cm. Their height varies greatly depending on the species. There can also be a variety of sizes within each bundle. bundle of 10 red pine seedlings beside one red pine seedling
Q: Are there any rules for where I can plant my trees?
Trees must be planted in Wellington County. Provided they are on your own property, you are free to plant the trees wherever you like. Keep in mind that some places are generally inappropriate to plant; i.e. on septic beds or under power lines.
Q: What can I do if I place a Tree Order and do not receive all the trees I wanted?
You are automatically placed on a waiting list for all of the seedlings that are unavailable to fulfill your order. If there are unclaimed trees at the end of our distribution, you will be notified if we can offer any of those seedlings to fulfill your original request.
The Green Legacy Programme offers free seedlings annually. You can place another order next year.
Q: What are Mulch Mats?
Mulch mats are woven coconut fibre mats that are placed on the ground at the base of the seedling.  They offer protection against completion (like weeds and grasses) and help to retain moisture in the soil.  They are 45 cm square and available to order for $1.50 each plus tax.  All sales are final.square coconut fibre mat laying on the grass
Q: What are Rodent Guards?

Rodent guards are 30cm protective pieces of plastic designed to wrap around the trunk of a tree (usually a deciduous species).  They offer protection against rodents (like voles) that eat tree bark.  They are available to order for $1.50 each plus tax.  All sales are final.  plastic wrapped around tree trunks of potted trees

Why Plant Green Legacy Seedlings
Green Legacy trees are grown from source-identified seeds.  Many of our seeds are collected locally by staff and volunteers, while others are purchased from reliable sources.  Choosing seeds from appropriate seed zones and eco-districts is important.  This makes them more adaptable to seasonal temperatures, precipitation, and threats like pests and disease. They also have an increased chance of survival and greater growth potential.
 Planting Assistance
Orders of 500+ trees have the option of asking for planting assistance. The Green Legacy Programme may be able to pair you with a local school group to help get all those trees in the ground. These orders may also be eligible for upgrades to potted stock. Request Planting Assistance if you are interested.
Tree Deliveries 
Deliveries occur Monday - Friday (excluding Good Friday and Easter Monday) throughout the month of April.

Once your order has be scheduled on a delivery route, you receive an email prior to receiving your seedlings.
Deliveries begin in the South end of Wellington County, working towards the North. This allows us to provide trees to customers in the warmest areas first, where the weather is more appropriate for planting earlier in the season. Deliveries are weather dependent.

Seedlings will be delivered, no charge, to the end of your driveway in rural areas. In urban areas, we may place trees closer to a building where possible.
 2024 Tree Species -  Available October 2, 2023 at 10:00am
Species not listed on the order form are sold out.

White Cedar    Paper Birch    Red Maple* 
Red Pine    Bladdernut*    Silver Maple
Eastern White Pine       Button Bush*    Sugar Maple 
Norway Spruce    Choke Cherry    Ninebark* 
White Spruce    Crabapple*     Bur Oak 
Tamarack    Red Osier Dogwood    Red Oak 
European Larch    Silky Dogwood*    Swamp White Oak   
     American Elm*    Ohio Buckeye 
     Hackberry    American Plum
     Bitternut Hickory    Fragrant Sumac* 
     Shagbark Hickory    Staghorn Sumac
     Hoptree*    Tuliptree*
     Kentucky Coffeetree*      Black Walnut
   Honey Locust  

*fewer than 500 available

Planting and Care Instructions
Download our Planting and Care Instructions
Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

The Ontario Tree Atlas can help you:

  • Identify native Ontario tree species using pictures of bark, fruit, cones, leaves and needles
  • Learn which species grow best in your area, including tips on when and how to plant a tree
  • Understand what types of soil and sun exposure will help a tree thrive

Choosing the Right Tree, A Landowner's Guide to Putting Down Roots (PDF)

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