War Horse_Canadian Army Veterinary Corps

November 5 to April 30

Opening Saturday, November 5 at 1:00 - 1:30 pm
Speaker Dr. Lisa Cox, Curator of the C.A.V. Barker Museum of Canadian Veterinary History will present her talk - Remembering the Canadian War Horse, 1914-1918.

Please join us for our Remembrance Ceremony on November 5.

Although the First World War was the first 'mechanized' war, it was the horse that was the driving engine for the transport of large artillery, equipment and supplies. Over 130,000 work horses were sent from Canada to France and Belgium and suffered from shellfire, trauma and disease. Because the horses were so vital to the war effort, it was the job of hundreds of Canadian veterinarians to heal wounds, prevent disease and return the horses to their war duties.

We present this compelling exhibit of artifacts and photographs from the collection of the C.A.V. Barker Museum of Canadian Veterinary History, Guelph, to tell the story of the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps.


.PA 1680 Kai War Horse image

Photo: Library and Archives Canada PA 1680

Read article From the Second Storey: Remembering War's Forgotten Casulties, by Andrew Volwes

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