Budget and Ten Year Plan

County's Annual Budget and 10-Year Plan

To learn more about the County's annual budget and ten-year planning process, please watch the following video:

Wellington County Council approves the annual operating and capital budgets early in the year (typically January).

The operating and capital budgets outline how the County of Wellington will use its finances to deliver essential services to its residents. The operating budget covers day-to-day expenses, while the capital budget covers major infrastructure requirements.

The 2020 budget timetable was approved by Council on April 25th, 2019. 

Information about the County's 2019 Budget and Ten-Year Plan is provided below:


 January 6, 2020 Prelimary Budget Presentation to Council


 2019 Budget Highlights


2019 Budget Book


January 7, 2019 Preliminary Budget Presentation to Council


January 2019 County of Wellington Budget Report Council

Highlights of the 2019 Budget and 10-Year Plan

  • Investment in roads capital infrastructure and facilities over the next ten years, including $24.4 million for facility upgrades to fund the replacement of the Arthur, Erin, Brucedale and Harriston public works facilities throughout the forecast
  • The construction of a new Erin ambulance station ($500K out of a total of $1.5 million for the station) to improve response times is included in the 2019 capital budget and four of the five remaining stations to be built are in the 10 year forecast (Guelph-Eramosa, Arthur, Drayton, and Mount Forest).  Total of $9 million capital investment over 10 years.
  • Ambulance service enhancements include: a new 12 hour / 7 day shift in Fergus to improve response times and an additional supervisor in the County to improve support to paramedics in the field.
  • Additional Child Care spaces for the operation of the newly expanded Palmerston Child Care Centre (49 spaces) that opened in September 2018 and new Wellington Place Child Care Centre (64 spaces) opening in Centre Wellington in 2019.
  • The County’s commitment to local hospitals continues in 2019 with $5.9 million to be distributed to: Groves Memorial ($5 million), Louise Marshall ($500,000) and Palmerston Hospital ($440,000)
  • $1 million initial allocation has been budgeted for 2019 for the implementation of phase 1 of the Continuum of Care campus project on Wellington Place Lands.

  • Community Improvement Plan Implementation Funding of $160,000 for local municipalities to provide financial incentives to help support local Community Improvement Plans and County-wide priorities.

  • Planning for the closure of Phase I and opening of Phase II at the Riverstown Landfill.

  • Continued investment in improvements to County owned social and affordable housing units.







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