2018 Budget and Ten Year Plan

Wellington County Council approves the annual operating and capital budgets early in the year (typically January).

The operating and capital budgets outline how the County of Wellington will use its finances to deliver essential services to its residents. The operating budget covers day-to-day expenses, while the capital budget covers major infrastructure requirements.

Information about the County's 2018 Budget and Ten Year Plan is provided below:


2018 Budget Highlights


2018 County of Wellington Budget Book

January 8, 2018 Preliminary Budget Presentation to Council


January 2018 County of Wellington Budget Report to AF and HR Committee

Highlights of the 2018 Budget and Ten-Year Plan

  • Investment in roads capital infrastructure and facilities over the next ten years, including $25 million for facility upgrades to fund the completion of Drayton Shop in 2018 and the replacement of the Arthur, Erin, Brucedale and Harriston public works facilities throughout the forecast.
  • A provision for an Ambulance station feasibility study in 2018 and the proposed construction of six new ambulance stations located throughout the County (five locations identified over the forecast).
  • Planning for the closure of Phase I and opening of Phase II at the Riverstown Landfill.
  • Continued investment in County owned social and affordable housing units.
  • Enhancements to winter maintenance to provide for safe driving conditions.
  • Continuum of Care feasibility study for Wellington Place Lands to examine potential service delivery options for long-term care, assisted living, affordable housing and life lease condominium units.
  • Increased the minimum rebate for property tax relief programmes for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities








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