On December 14, 2018, the Electricity Act O. Reg. 507/18 replaced Ontario Green Energy Act O. Reg. 397/11.  The County published its first five-year Energy Management Plan on July 1, 2014 under O. Reg. 397/11.

The requirements under O. Reg. 507/18, is that each municipality make available to the public, energy conservation and demand management plans.  This regulation was established to help municipalities better understand how and where they use energy, enabling them to develop plans to help them reduce their energy use.  The following summarizes the requirements under O. Reg. 507/18.

  • Report annual energy use and GHG emissions in designated buildings/facilities
  • Develop and implement five-year Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plans
  • Description of previous, current and proposed measures for conserving and otherwise reducing the amount of energy consumed by the public agency’s operations and for managing the public agency’s demand for energy, including a forecast of the expected results of current and proposed measures.


Energy Management Plan