Energy Management

Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations are required to report their 2012 energy consumption data and develop an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan by July 1, 2014, as directed by the Ministry of Energy (O. Reg. 397/11).

The Purchasing and Risk Management Division of the Treasury Department has coordinated the County's approach to energy conservation and demand management. The division will work with other departments to set energy efficiency standards and procedures to ensure the County remains up-to-date with the latest in energy efficient technology.

The County's corporate energy, conservation and cost reduction initiatives include entering into hedging agreements for electricity and natural gas purchases, participating in a bulk fuel programme, undertaking energy efficiency audits, adopting Green Legacy building guidelines for all new facilities, building retrofits, exploring opportunities for renewable energy (solar photovoltaic units), demand reduction programmes and providing general advisory services to all internal departments.



Energy Management Plan

Energy Consumption Report 2016

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