The County of Wellington strives to ensure its programmes, services and facilities are barrier-free for residents with disabilities. The County continues to support the goal of an accessible Province by 2025 through the implementation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). 

Accessibility policy

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The County established an Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) in 2005. As per the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, a majority of the members must be people with disabilities. The purpose of the AAC is to provide guidance and advice to the County, and its local municipalities.


  • Matthew Bulmer (Chair)
  • Robin Fletcher
  • Bethany Parkinson
  • Heather Small
  • Lorri Wright
  • Giverny Parent
  • Gerald Townsend

Accessibility Plan

The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) requires the County to develop a multi-year plan that sets out how we will comply with the IASR. It also requires that our Accessibility Advisory Committee and the public be provided the opportunity to give feedback on our plan.   

County of Wellington Multi-year Accessibility Plan (2022 to 2026)

Highlights from the plan include:

  • Development of accessibility policies that incorporate the requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation
  • Staff training
  • Website upgrades    

Past Status Updates

Facility Accessibility Design Manual

IAn accessible designed rampn 2005 the County of Wellington partnered with the City of Guelph, Homewood Health and the Upper Grand District School Board to develop a building standard that met the needs of the community.

The Facility Accessibility Design Manual (FADM) outlines the County's commitment for accessibility within County-owned facilities. The County uses the FADM for new construction as well as renovation projects.      

The purpose of the manual is to provide a higher level of accessibility than is currently offered in the Ontario Building Code

Accessibility Recognition Programme

The Accessibility Recognition Programme was developed by the County of Wellington's Accessibility Advisory Committee. The purpose of the programme is to recognize businesses, organizations and/or people from within the County of Wellington that exceed legislated accessibility requirements.

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If you have any questions or comments on our accessibility in services, programmes or facilities please contact us by phone or submit your feedback here.