Accessibility Advisory Committee

The County established an Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) in 2005. As per the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, a majority of the members must be people with disabilities. The purpose of the AAC is to provide guidance and advice to the County, and its local municipalities.

The Committee meets approximately 3 - 4 times per year at the Aboyne Library. 

New Members:

The Committee is looking for members! 

As a member of the committee, you would have the following duties required by the Act:  

a) Participate in the annual development and revision of the Joint Accessibility Plan. The Plan will consider barriers to people with disabilities and ways to remove and prevent those barriers.

 b)  Advise all Councils regarding the implementation and effectiveness of the Joint Accessibility Plan to ensure that it addresses the identification, removal and prevention of barriers in the Municipalities'/County's by-laws, policies, programs, practices, services and facilities. 

 c)  Review and monitor existing and proposed procurement policies of the Municipalities/County for the purpose of providing advice with respect to the accessibility for people with disabilities to the goods or services being procured.

 d)  Advise all Councils on issues and concerns faced by people with disabilities and the means by which the Councils can work towards the elimination of barriers.

 e)  Advise, consult and report on matters relating to the status of people with disabilities. The AAC shall be informed on matters of government policy (municipal, provincial, federal) affecting people with disabilities and shall inform all Councils about the impact of these policies on the Municipalities/County.

 f)  Review and make recommendations on barriers faced by people with disabilities to existing facilities owned, leased, or operated (in full or part) by the Municipalities/County.

 g)  Establish, as required, working groups as may be necessary to address specific issues.


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