Council and Standing Committees

County Council

Administration, Finance and Human Resources

Warden Lever, Councillors C.White (Chair), Bridge, Driscoll, and Linton

Economic Development

Warden Lever, Councillors Bridge (Chair), Breen, Brianceau and Linton

Information, Heritage and Seniors Committee

Warden Lever, Councillors Anderson, Brianceau, and Watters; Jennifer Dixon, Lucia Costanzo, Janice Sheppard and Walter Trachsel

Land Division Committee

Warden Lever, Councillors Alls (Chair), Lennox, McKay and Watters

Planning Committee

Warden Lever, Councillors Alls (Chair), Lennox, McKay and Watters

Police Services Board

Warden Lever, Lynda White (Chair), Jeremy Vink, Joanne Ross-Zuj and Lisa MacDonald

Roads Committee

Warden Lever, Councillors Williamson (Chair), Alls, Breen, and Driscoll

Social Services Committee

Warden Lever, Councillors Anderson (Chair), Davidson, Lynda White and Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie

Solid Waste Services Committee

Warden Lever, Councillors McKay (Chair), Davidson, Lennox and Williamson

Warden's Advisory Committee

Warden Lever, Councillors C.White, Bridge, Alls, L.White, Williamson, Anderson and McKay

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In order to speak at a Council or committee meeting, please send a request indicating your name, organization and subject to Donna Bryce, County Clerk by noon the Wednesday preceding the council or committee meeting.

Delegations have 10 minutes to present with time for questions and answers following the presentation.


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