If you come across an injured turtle, please call the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre at 705.741.5000.

To report a turtle nest in a high risk area, please call the Rare Charitable Research Reserve Turtle hotline at 226.962.6885.

The County has retained Triton Engineering and Aboud & Associates Inc. to provide an assessment of the Hillsburgh Dam’s features to determine if there are any impediments to the seasonal movement of the common snapping turtle. 

Concerns have been raised by area residents, including:

  • entrapment within the floodway feature
  • inability to cross the dam structure due to the placement of rip rap (stones placed to stabilize the embankments).

They have concluded that the rehabilitation of the dam and reconstruction of the bridge does not result in any new impacts to snapping turtles or their ability to navigate the rip rap to travel to their nesting areas.

The County of Wellington will work with the Town of Erin to complete further mitigation measures identified by Aboud & Associates Inc. The final report can be viewed here: Hillsburgh Dam, Turtle Habitat Final Assessment


Photo of a fully grown male snapping turtle
Photo of two painted turtles perched on a log with their reflection showing in the river