Wellington Terrace is a not-for-profit Municipal Long Term Care Home, located in a beautiful country setting between Elora and Fergus on Wellington Road 18, right next door to the Wellington County Museum.

Wellington Terrace is a multi-level, long term care home for 176 residents excelling in services that allow those who can no longer live independently to experience quality in their living through Love, Care and Dignity.

Our new home opened in May 2006, featuring beautifully decorated and spacious rooms with large windows. Each room has a spectacular view of the Elora-Fergus country side. There are also a variety of spaces for residents to visit with family and friends.

Wellington Terrace is a proud member of AdvantAge Ontario.


Wellington Terrace 519.846.5359

Sue Dronick, Administrator, Email Sue Dronick, x 7222

Peg Muhlbauer, Assistant Administrator, Email Peg Muhlbauer, x 7240

Tricia Burrough, Director of Care, Email Tricia Burrough, x 7244

Melinda Timmins, Nutrition Services Manager, Email Melinda Timmins, x 7225

Tiffany Wurdell, Manager of Life Enrichment, Email Tiffany Wurdell, x 7236

Melissa Sheflin, Manager of Environmental Services, Email Melissa Sheflin, x 7232

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