Staff provide programmes to collect, divert or dispose of municipal solid waste, organics and recyclables for County residents and businesses. Activities involve the following:


  • Monitors curbside collection contract for waste, green bin organics and blue box recyclables
  • Organizes off-site event days for additional diversion opportunities
  • Offers customer service for drop-off at all waste facilities
  • Provides waste facility collection and diversion opportunities
  • Ensures safe and environmentally sound management of landfill operations and closed landfill sites
  • Considers long-term monitoring and assessment of site environmental performance


  • Monitors budgets and financial issues
  • Conducts research and policy development
  • Develops waste management and diversion strategies     
  • Creates tenders and contracts
  • Collects and reports data
  • Directs promotion and education

SWS Green Strategy

  • To incorporate "Green Principles" into all areas of waste management decisions and actions
  • To promote the success and accomplishments of these initiatives

Core Green Principles


  • To protect and enhance the natural environment
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of any operation
  • To practice a "Life Cycle" approach

SWS Mission Statement

The Mission Statement developed by the Transition Team in 2000 reads as follows.

To collect and process solid waste, minimizing the use of landfill, in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. The system will encourage the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:

  • through cost recovery
  • through partnerships with the private sector organizations, governments and consumers, and
  • through educational programmes

SWS Philosophy The County's current SWS philosophy which grew out of the mission statement developed by the Transition Team and was endorsed most recently by Council in October 2005 commits to:

  • provide safe, convenient, economical and efficient programmes for the collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, organics and recyclables generated within the County of Wellington
  • encourage and educate our ratepayers to reduce and divert the quantity of waste destined for landfill disposal
  • pursue innovative ways to handle our waste, and
  • protect our natural environment by being good custodians of active and closed waste disposal sites

By-law 5670-20 A by-law to authorize the Corporation of the County of Wellington to establish, maintain and operate a system to provide for the curbside collection of household and commercial waste, organics and recyclable material.

By-law 5450-15 A by-law to authorize the Corporation of the County of Wellington to establish, maintain and operate facilities to provide for the transfer and disposal of waste and recyclable materials.