Illustrated logo of blue gradient hills with TAPMO acronym next to full name Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario

The Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario (TAPMO) have joined together to work with industry partners and provincial decision-makers to developing a sustainable plan for aggregate extraction. Ontario's consumption of aggregate resources helps fuel steady economic growth and the demand for aggregate products is estimated to be four billion tonnes over the next 25 years. Aggregate products are being used faster than close-to-market suppliers can support. Industry efforts to responsibly manage production are vital in ensuring aggregate resources continue to be available to fuel Ontario's economic future. We, as major stakeholders in this mix, want to be part of the long-term solution.

The economic advantages for communities rich in aggregate resources are many including employment, lower taxes and aggregate royalties to maintain transportation systems. The advantages can outweigh the costs if properly managed over the long term. Local municipalities have an opportunity to lead on this issue. As an association representing aggregate rich communities, TAPMO wants to develop a long-term, practical approach that will ultimately benefit all stakeholders. We are seeking constructive, sustainable solutions. The coalition of elected representatives will also be looking at what we, as aggregate-producing communities, should do in-house to address the problem—including establishing targets for recycled aggregate materials in public works and reducing the dumping of recyclable aggregate materials at municipally-operated landfill sites.

We are committed to doing our part and we will work through our provincial and federal municipal associations to seek the support and input of our colleagues.

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