The Treasury Department is responsible for sound financial management and planning over the County's resources. We are committed to providing cost-effective services to our residents and maintaining the long-term financial health of the Corporation so that the services that our citizens depend on are there when they most need it.

The County's annual operating and capital budgets are just under $300 million. The Treasury Department provides the expertise and resources needed to ensure our residents receive the maximum benefit for the funding available.

Financial Services

Ken DeHart
County Treasurer
x 2920
E Ken DeHart

Financial Management and Strategic Planning

  • Corporate budget development
  • Long-term financial planning
  • Investments and debt management
  • Financial impacts and analysis
  • Financial policy and procedures
  • Corporate asset management planning

Accounting Services

  • Audited financial statements
  • Financial reporting
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Adherence to financial agreements
  • Reserve fund and development charges administration

Property Tax Administration

  • Property tax policy
  • Property tax relief programmes
  • Assessment base management

Licensing and Fines

  • Taxi licensing
  • Parking ticket and false alarm administration


Purchasing and Risk Management

Jackie Osti
Manager of Purchasing and Risk Management
x 2910
E Jackie Osti

Purchasing Services

  • Manages request for tenders, requests for proposals and quotations
  • Energy management

Risk Management

  • Securing insurance
  • Risk control and claims

For more information on the County's finances, services and functions provided by the Treasury Department, please visit our Budget, Finances and Taxes page.