The property tax is the largest and most important revenue source for municipalities. It is the only tax that municipalities have the authority to collect. Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the property assessment by the tax rate applied to the property. The County of Wellington and the lower-tier municipalities set tax rates.

Understanding Property Taxes

To learn more about property taxes in the County of Wellington, please watch the following video:

Tax Rates

  • The tax rate in the County of Wellington consists of three components. There is an area municipality portion (Town of Erin, Town of Minto, Township of Guelph-Eramosa, Township of Puslinch , Township of Centre Wellington, Township of Mapleton, or the Township of Wellington North, a County of Wellington portion, and an education portion.
  • Each of these portions is related to the budgetary needs of the area municipality, the County of Wellington and the provincial decision on education funding requirements. The tax rate is expressed as a percentage of a property's assessed value. Each property class has its own tax rate. The tax rate multiplied by the assessed value, results in the amount of property taxes payable for the year. For example, if the residential tax rate is .01189742 the property taxes would be $1,189.74 per $100,000 of assessed value (see table below).
  • Download the County's 2023 tax ratios and tax rates, a link is also located at the bottom of this page under Key Documents for Property Taxes  

Residential Property Example

Tax Rate (A)

Assessment (B)

Property Taxes C = A X B

County of Wellington portion




Education (Provincial) portion




Area Municipality portion (AVG)








Key Documents for Property Taxes