The County of Wellington coordinates an Adopt-A-Road programme for County roadside clean up. Many groups are already involved and there is opportunity for more to participate, as there are many un-adopted stretches of Wellington County roads. The existing groups renew their commitment on an annual basis after the initial two year term. Registered groups contact their area Roads Supervisor for additional garbage bags and to let them know when they plan to do their roadside pick-up.

If you are interested in more information about our Adopt-A-Road programme, please contact the Roads Division. Service groups can develop civic pride in adopting a section of road and keeping it clean. Your group can pick a County road that's available, attend a safety seminar and sign the agreement to participate. The Adopt-A-Road coordinator will bring your supplies to the safety seminar and you'll be ready to begin.  Special Adopt-A-Road signs will be posted at each end of your adopted road section to identify your group's participation in the programme.  It's a win, win situation for all concerned.  Society as a whole benefits because we are working together towards a cleaner environment and teaching all involved how to become more environmentally aware.  The Corporation of the County of Wellington incurs the total cost of administering this programme.  The County of Wellington will supply:

  • The booklet "Safety Guidelines for Volunteers"
  • Safety vests for all volunteers
  • Garbage bags, flags, and traffic cones
  • Someone to pick up flagged hazardous materials
  • Someone to pick up filled trash bags at designated site

The County of Wellington will also:

  • Monitor to ensure the objectives of the programme are being met
  • Approve the name, titles, or words placed on the ADOPT-A-ROAD signs
  • Locate the road right-of-way section to be adopted
  • Give the start and end dates of the adoption
  • Give dates that litter pick-up can not occur

Volunteer groups must commit to:

  • A minimum two year commitment
  • Three clean-ups per year
  • A minimum two kilometre stretch of road
  • Appoint an Authorized Group Representative to act on behalf of the group
  • Attend an annual safety meeting to receive and be familiar with the contents of the "Safety Guidelines for Volunteers" before participating in the clean-up of the adopted section of right-of-way
  • Obey and abide by all laws and regulations relating to safety and such terms and conditions as may be required by the County

Wellington County Adopt-A-Road Participants


Road Adopted


Ariss Men's Club

Wellington Road 86

From Region of Waterloo Boundary to Concession 20

Royal City Demolay

Wellington Road 38

From Highway 6 to Marden Rd

Biorem Inc

Wellington Road 46

From Wellington Road 46 to Maltby Road

Eden Mills Presbyterian Church

Wellington Road 29

From Highway 7 - Halton Boundary

Farm House Fraternity

Wellington Road 37

From Guelph Boundary to Halton Boundary

9th Guelph Rover Crew

Wellington Road 31

From Guelph Boundary to Wellington Road 32

Maryhill Knights of Columbus

Wellington Road 86

From Wellington Road 51 to Townline of Region of Waterloo

Guelph Township Horticultural Society

Wellington Road 30

From Highway 6 to Silvercreek Parkway

Guelph-Wellington Rotary Club

Wellington Road 32

Highway 7 to Wellington Road 31

Net Plus Realty

Wellington Road 41

From Guelph City Limits to Wellington Road 37

Rotary Club of Guelph South

Wellington Road 46

From Gilmour Road to Nicholas Beaver Road

Nestle' Water Canada

Wellington Road 34

From Hanlon Parkway to Wellington Road 46

Ontario Colleges

Wellington Road 35

From Wellington Road 34 to Gore Road

WinMar Restoration

Wellington Road 124

From Kossuth Road to Wellington Road 32

Hillsburgh Lions Club

Wellington Road 24

From Queen Street to 27th Side Road

Guelph/Eramosa Fire Department

Wellington Road 44

From Highway 7 to County boundary

Mimosa Friendship Circle

Wellington Road 26

From United Church to Orton Road

John Howard Society of Guelph

Wellington Road 124

From Guelph Boundary to Guelph/Eramosa Townline

Town of Erin Rotary Club

Wellington Road 22 and 23

From Wellington Road 24 to Wellington Road 23 and From Wellington Road 22 to Wellington Road 124

Wellington Halton Hills Green Party

Wellington Road 124

From Wellington Road 27 to Wellington Road 49

1st Clifford Guiding

Wellington Road 2

From Highway 9 to Coon Creek Road

Carry on Women's Institute

Wellington Road 5

From Wellington Road 109 to Harriston

Community Living-Guelph

Wellington Road 16

From Wellington Road 19 to Private Lane

In Memory of Jamie Culp

Wellington Road 16

From Line 8 to Line 12

Optimist Club of Moorefield

Wellington Road 8 and 10

From Perth Boundary to WR10 and From Wellington Road 8 to Moorefield

Drayton Reformed Church

Wellington Road 8

From Wellington Road 10 to Wellington Road 11

Drayton Rotary Club

Wellington Road 8

From Wellington Road 10 to Goldstone

Elora Fergus Unitarian Church

Wellington Road 19

From First Line to Third Line

Christian Reform Church

Wellington Road 11

From Wellington Road 8 to Eight Line

Hamlet of Inverhaugh

Wellington Road 21

From Elora to Inverhaugh

Alma United Church

Wellington Road 17

From Wellington Road 7 to Waterloo Boundary

Elora Lions Club

Wellington Road 7

From Wellington Road 18 to Wellington Road 21

Fergus/Elora Rotary Club

Wellington Road 18

From Elora to Aboyne 21

Belwood District Lions Club

Wellington Road 19 and 26

From Dufferin Boundary to 6th Line West Garafraxa and Wellington Road 19 to Wellington Road 18

Friends of the Grand River

Wellington Road 18

From Shand Dam to Fergus

OACETT Grand Valley Chapter Wellington Road 124 From Guelph Limits to Wellington Road 32
Linamar Wellington Road 39 From Wellington Road 51 to City Limits
Wellington Junior Farmers Wellington Road 7 From Wellington Road 10 to Wellington Road 11

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