The County of Wellington's road system infrastructure including bridges provides for the movement of goods, services and people throughout the County. This infrastructure is aging and requires investment in construction and maintenance to maintain adequate and sustainable conditions. Since the pavement structure of roads and the condition of bridges, culverts, storm sewers and other related infrastructure, deteriorate over time from use and exposure to the elements, a sizeable, steady investment is required to protect these public assets. The County of Wellington has a capital budget associated with its road, bridge, culvert and equipment system needs averaging $25.4 million in estimated expenditures annually to preserve the County's road network assets. In 2019, a total of $255 million over the next ten years is planned to be invested in the County of Wellington's road system infrastructure.

An orange sign reading "ROAD CONSTRUCTION AHEAD" on the side of a rural county road.
The old Badley Bridge
Team collaborating on the same project document

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