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Wellington County has 709 kilometres of roads that occupy urban and rural areas that accommodate a wide variety of different users, vehicles and traffic volumes. Our goal is to connect people and goods across the County safely, conveniently, efficiently and sustainably. Several initiatives have been aimed at reducing fatalities and serious injuries resulting from collisions to make our roads safer.



Traffic Signals

traffic signal

The County is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of 43 traffic signals in the road network. Traffic Signals are installed to contribute to the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Movement studies are conducted regularly at intersections to determine future signalization requirements.

All traffic signal designs meet Ministry of Transportation standards and based on a number of factors, including volume of traffic, turning movements and geographic conditions. The intersections are studied and timing and phasing of all movements are considered before implementation. Once traffic signals are installed, signal timing is monitored and updated periodically.

To report any concerns regarding traffic signals, please contact the Roads Division at 519.837.2601 x 2470.


The first roundabout in the County was constructed in 2009 in Elora and we've since constructed many more in order to make traffic flow safer for everyone. 

How to use a Roundabout

A illustration of the birds eye view of a roundabout. With a couple of the above points written out.
  1. Slow down when approaching a roundabout.
  2. Keep right of "splitter island".
  3. Choose the correct entry lane.
  4. Observe the crosswalk and yield to pedestrians.
  5. Wait for a gap in traffic before entering the roundabout, yield to all traffic (including cyclists). 
  6. Do not enter beside someone already in the roundabout because they may be exiting. Drivers in the roundabout have the right-of-way.
  7. Travel counterclockwise and do not stop as you have the right-of-way over entering traffic.
  8. Do not pass other vehicles in the roundabout and give large vehicles extra space.
  9. Signal as you approach your desired exit and slowly exit.


Here's why you should love roundabouts! With Roundy the Roundabout character voicing those words

  • They are safer
    • Lower speeds mean fewer and less severe accidents.
    • All cars moving in one direction eliminates T-bones and head-on collisions.
    • Safer for pedestrians due to low speeds and one direction traffic.
  • They provide better traffic flow
    • You don’t have to stop at lights or signs, so traffic keeps moving.
    • They reduce delays and traffic jams.
  • They are environmentally friendly
    • Less idling and fuel consumption.
    • They usually take up less land.
  • They don’t have lights
    • No servicing of traffic signal equipment, resulting in long-term cost savings.
    • Save on energy costs.
    • No concerns during power outages.

Watch these instructional videos on how to safely use roundabouts

Roundabouts and Pedestrian Safety

 Roundabouts and Large Vehicles

External links for more information on Roundabouts

For a more in-depth video watch the Region of Waterloo's video called How the heck do you drive in a roundabout?!

Community Safety Zones

Community Safety Zones (CSZ) are sections of roadways where fines for traffic violations are increased through a special designation under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA). Community Safety Zones are marked with signs at the beginning and end of the areas denoting the legal limits and are in effect 24 hours of the day. Community Safety Zones assist by modify driver behavior to influence slower speeds and enhance public safety through these locations.

Road elements and surrounding components were analyzed to determine the locations of nine new designated community safety zones on Wellington County roads where public safety is of special concern.


Township of Centre Wellington

  • Fergus – Wellington Road 18 (Belsyde Avenue E) from Highway 6 (Tower Street S) to McTavish Street.
  • Elora – Wellington Road 18 (East Mill Street) from Chapel Street to Kertland Street. 
  • Elora – Wellington Road 7 from Wellington Road 21 (McNab Street) to Speers Road. 

Town of Erin

  • Hillsburgh – Wellington Road 24 (Trafalgar Road) from Church Street to 75 metres north of Jane Street. 
  • Erin – Wellington Road 124 (Main Street) from East Church Street to Millwood Road. 

Township of Mapleton

  • Drayton – Wellington Road 11 (Wellington Street S) from Andrews Drive to Spring Street. 

Town of Minto

  • Palmerston – Wellington Road 123 (Main Street) from Henry Street to York Street. 

Township of Puslinch

  • Aberfoyle – Wellington Road 46 (Brock Road S) from 225 metres north of Old Brock Road to 300 metres south of Old Brock Road. 

Township of Wellington North

  • Mount Forest – Wellington Road 6 (Sligo Road E) from 50 metres west of Church Street N to 125 metres west of London Road North. 

Search your address in the map below to see if there is a Community Safety Zone near you! 

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Related Documents

Speed Management

To understand the process for lower speeds and adding additional speed management measures, please see a summary of our Speed Management Program.

If you would like to notify us of any speeding concerns, please see our speed concern form.

Speeding Concern Form

We want to hear about your speed concerns!

Speed concerns provided by the public will assist us in assessing the need for speed management on Wellington Roads by analyzing the data collected. To learn more about how the County addresses speeding concerns, please check our Speed Management Guidelines.

Please note the following before proceeding with logging your speed concern:

  • Speed concerns submitted through this form may not receive a direct response.
  • The County of Wellington cannot resolve issues with specific vehicles or drivers.
  • Providing a concern through this website in no way provides direction of enforcement or action of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

For a speed concern on a local township/town road please contact the respective municipality.

For a speed concern on Provincial Highway please contact the OPP 1.888.310.1122.

For emergencies contact the OPP by dialing 9.1.1.

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