SWS Reuse Centres

Three Reuse Centres are operated by the County as a "last chance" alternative to landfill for items in good condition. Fees apply to drop off items (there is no charge to take items home with you).

Over 247.3 metric tonnes of material have been diverted through the Reuse Centres since the first one opened in 2003.

Aberfoyle Waste Facility

Belwood Waste Facility

Riverstown Waste Facility

How to Participate

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change's  Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for the waste facilities requires the County to follow a series of procedures, as described below. Thank you for your cooperation in making the Reuse Centre initiative a success in Wellington County.

Item to Drop Off:

  • at the scale house, let the attendant know you have an item for the Reuse Centre

    • indicate the working condition of the item and any associated problems
  • pay the tipping fee assessed by the attendant
  • unload the item(s) and place in the Reuse Centre

Acceptable items include: small furniture, sporting goods, toys, books, housewares, etc.

Unacceptable items include: hazardous materials, food wastes, liquids, potentially unsanitary items (such as toilets, mattresses, etc.), textiles and bulky items.

The attendant has the discretion to not accept any item.

Item to Take Home:

If you see any item(s) that you would like to take home:

  • fill out the information/waiver (IW) form that is located by the mailbox inside the Reuse Centre

    • must be at least 18 years of age to sign
  • fold the yellow copy of the IW form around the item's tag and place both inside the mailbox (this helps staff track the number of items diverted as well as the weight of the items diverted through the Reuse Centres)
  • the white copy of the IW form is yours to keep
  • customers are responsible for loading selected items into their vehicle
  • there is no charge to take items home
  • any item returned will only be accepted as a waste item, and charged the appropriate disposal fee

Items are selected and removed from the Reuse Centre at your own risk. The County does not warrant or guarantee the items in any way and are taken "as is."

Bulky Item Posting Board:

If you have large appliances or heavy furniture that you would like to give away free, take advantage of the Bulky Item Posting board in the Reuse Centres. Simply fill out a blank sheet and post on the bulletin board inside the Reuse Centres.

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