Curbside Collection

As of July 7, 2020 all households receive every other week curbside collection of user pay garbage bags. Recyclables and organics are collected weekly. View the SWS calendar for more information.

Did you know that in 2018 there was a 5.4% increase in garbage curbside stops? 

Collection Schedule as of July 7

All rural and urban households changed to a new collection schedule as of July 7:

  • Recycling and Organics - weekly
  • Garbage - every other week

Collection Schedule for July to December 2020

Accessible and Printable Version of Collection Schedule for July to December 2020

Garbage Bi-Weekly Collection Map

Use the map or table below to determine if your household follows the Week A or the Week B schedule for garbage collection, as well as which day of the week your collection will occur. Remember, you will receive recycling and organics collection every week on that day!

Week A
Collection Days
Week B
Collection Days
Tuesday - Mapleton, Salem, Elora (North of Gran River)

Tuesday B - Minto

Wednesday A- Centre Wellington (West of Hwy 6), Elora (South of Grand River)

Wednesday B- Centre Wellington (East of Hwy 6)

Thursday A- Erin Thursday B- Wellington North
Friday A- Guelph/Eramosa Friday B - Puslinch

Note: Salem and the portion of Elora north of the Grand River will be changing to Tuesday collection effective July 7.

Collection Schedule of garbage, recycling and green bin for Wellington County

User Pay Garbage Bags - Home Delivery Available Now!

There are two sizes of user pay bags available at many locations throughout the County. Some retailers also offer home delivery or front-door pick-up.

  • ten large bags (dimensions 30" x 38") cost $20 - no HST
  • ten smaller bags (dimensions 24" x 28") cost $15 - no HST

During this period of physical/social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the County is offering temporary home delivery of user pay bags in a contact-free manner, to support our residents who are unable to visit a local retailer to purchase them.  If you are planning to go to a local retailer, please refrain from using the County’s home delivery service in order for our staff to ensure those most vulnerable in our community are able to access this service.  In order to access the County’s temporary home delivery programme, use the on-line order and payment form.

Order Form: User Pay Garbage Bags

Any item which does not fit within a closed user pay bag will not be collected. Larger items may be taken to any County waste facility (waste fees apply).

Collection is provided every week in urban areas and every other week in the rural areas.

Collection is provided from Tuesday to Friday each week.

An alternate collection day is provided if your regular collection day falls on a statutory holiday.

Have your garbage out by 7:00 am alarm clock at 7:00 am

  • unexpected changes to truck routing happen routinely (e.g. bad weather, road closures, accidents, truck breakdowns, changing wait times at waste facilities)
  • collectors are not responsible for returning to collect garbage that was placed out after 7:00 am
  • if you miss your collection, please store your garbage until your next collection day or take user pay bags to any County waste facility at no charge

Listen to our radio ad here: 7:00 am reminder.

Preparation and placement of garbage bags

  • garbage must be placed in user pay garbage bags
  • tie user pay garbage bags securely closed
  • sharp objects will not be collected curbside
  • there is no limit to the number of user pay garbage bags that can be set out
  • each user pay garbage bag must not weigh more than 18 kg (40 lb)
  • covered garbage cans can be used for curbside garbage collection, provided:
    • garbage must still be placed in user pay garbage bags
    • there is a maximum of one user pay garbage bag per can
    • each can containing garbage must not weigh more than 18 kg (40 lb)
  • place user pay garbage bags beside your blue boxes and green bin in a visible location at the end of your driveway or laneway and within one metre (three feet) of the curb or roadside
  • do not place user pay garbage bags in ditches, on snow piles, or on the travelled part of the road or sidewalk

Managing diapers

Diapers and incontinence products go into your garbage. Here are some tips for managing diaper waste to reduce odours and deter pests:

  • roll up the diaper, using the tabs to close it
  • double bag diapers and place in a secure, covered garbage can, ensuring the outer bag is a user pay garbage bag with only one bag of waste per can
  • store the garbage can in a cool location out of the sun
  • consider using cloth diapers or partnering with a diaper service

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