Fact Sheets

User Pay Garbage Programme

The County has a full user pay system for garbage. It encourages people to reduce, reuse, recycle and gives them control over how much they spend on garbage collection and disposal.

User Pay Bag Distributor List

Residents and businesses in collection areas must use yellow County user pay garbage bags to receive collection, paying only for what waste is produced. This fact sheet provides a list of distributors and locations to which residents can purchase garbage bags. 

User Pay Bag Distributor Map

This map shows all of the locations in The County where User Pay Garbage Bags are sold.

Waste Facility Information

This fact sheet provides information on waste facilities, including locations, instructions, requirements, fees and payment options. 

Blue Box Materials

Provides residents with a dichotomized list of recyclable products and information pertaining to curbside collection.

 If you would like a printout of acceptable Blue Box items only please click on the blue button.

Blue Box Items Only


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