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 The County owns and operates one active landfill site and five transfer stations.

Over the past three years, the County has buried an average of about 20,534 metric tonnes of garbage each year.

Curbside Collection      Garbage Drop-off

Curbside collection service is provided to residents and businesses in the County. Curbside collection of blue box recyclables and green bin organics is on a weekly basis, while curbside collection of user pay garbage bags is on a bi-weekly basis. All residents and businesses can use County waste facilities to drop off garbage.

The County has a full user pay system for garbage. There is a fee for every bag of garbage picked up at curbside or dropped off at a waste facility. This system encourages people to practice the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and gives them some control over how much they want to spend on their garbage each week.

Special user pay bags are required for curbside collection. Any item which does not fit within a user pay garbage bag will not be collected. Larger items may be taken to any County waste facility (fees apply).

If you are a new resident in the County, please feel free to contact Solid Waste Services with questions.






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