Circular Economy Month and Waste Reduction Week 2023

The third week of Circular Economy Month in October is recognized as Waste Reduction Week in Canada. Transforming our material culture from a take-make-waste model, to one that includes reuse-share-repair-replenish will have many positive impacts. During the month of October, we will focus on exploring the concept of circular economy and amplifying its broader social, environmental, and economic benefits. Visit our Waste Reduction Week webpage to learn more!

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Annual Reports

Annual reports provide an overview of the various activities, services, and tonnages managed by the Solid Waste Services Division.


Published biannually, newsletters provide timely information on various programmes and services offered by Solid Waste Services.

Radio Interviews

The Manager of Solid Waste Services is regularly interviewed on the Swap Talk segment on the local radio station 101 The Grand. Hear what he has to say about Wellington County’s Solid Waste Services.

Waste Calendars

Waste calendars include information about curbside collection schedules, including holiday changes. 

We've gone digital! Rather than distributing a printed SWS Calendar, County of Wellington residents are encouraged to download the Recycle Coach waste app to view their personalized collection schedule. You can even set up collection reminders on your device, so you never miss a collection day!

If you cannot utilize the Recycle Coach waste app, don't worry! A copy of the collection schedule is available in the Solid Waste Fall Newsletter in the Wellington Advertiser. You can also download or print your collection schedule below

Please use the table below to determine your collection day, and to see if you follow the Week A or the Week B schedule for your bi-weekly garbage collection. Then, make sure you download the correct schedule.

Week A
Collection Days
Week B
Collection Days
Tuesday - Mapleton, Salem, Elora (North of Grand River)

Tuesday B - Minto

Wednesday A - Centre Wellington (West of Hwy 6), Elora (South of Grand River)

Wednesday B - Centre Wellington (East of Hwy 6)

Thursday A - Erin Thursday B - Wellington North
Friday A - Guelph/Eramosa Friday B - Puslinch

2024 Curbside Collection Schedule:

2024 Curbside Collection Schedule (Week A)

2024 Curbside Collection Schedule (Week B) 

2023 Curbside Collection Schedule:

2023 Curbside Collection Schedule (Week A)
 (updated January 04, 2023)

2023 Curbside Collection Schedule (Week B)



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