Other Materials

All County waste facilities remain open with their regular operating hours. Enhanced safety protocols are in effect. Reuse Centres remain closed until further notice.

The health and safety of the public and staff is the top priority at County waste facilities. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we collectively work through this challenging period together.

Questions? Please contact Solid Waste Services at 519.837.2601 or wasteinfo@wellington.ca.

Please use curbside collection services for regular household waste.
Although all County waste facilities remain open with their regular operating hours, residents are encouraged to continue using the curbside collection service for regular household waste. Trips to waste facilities should be reserved for the disposal of items/materials that cannot be managed through curbside collection services.
Follow these enhanced safety protocols at waste facilities.

The following enhanced safety protocols at waste facilities remain in effect:

  • Please use credit or debit for payment, preferably the tap function.
  • Maintain physical distancing, and be expedient on site.
  • The use of masks or face (mouth/nose) coverings is strongly encouraged.
  • As always, follow staff directions.

There are opportunities to divert many materials from landfill.  You will find links on this page for programmes offered by the County for materials that don't fit into the other categories. You can also visit the County's Recyclopedia website for diversion opportunities offered by the County as well as other organizations.

"Organic waste" refers to all food waste, some paper items, and small quantities of other organic items (e.g. indoor plants). The Green Bin Organics programme is a programme offered by the County of Wellington that will have organic waste collected from your home or business, diverted from landfill, and turned into compost. Click on the Green Bin button below to learn more.

Did you know that 60% of food wasted in Canadian homes could have been avoided? 

Learn more surprising facts and get tips on how to reduce food waste in your own home by clicking on the Food Waste Reduction button below.

SWS believes that composting at home is the most practical and cost-effective way to manage organic materials in Wellington County. Click on the Home Composting button to learn how you can compost at home, whether you have a backyard or not!


Green Bin

Food Waste Reduction

Home Composting

 Scrap Metal and Appliances

All County waste facilities accept appliances and scrap metal for recycling. The site attendant will assess whether the item is suitable. Regular disposal fees apply since the cost of managing the material exceeds revenue received. Processing involves removing any precious metals, shredding and baling the metal for market (metal refineries).

In 2019, 471.7 tonnes of scrap metal was diverted from landfill.

Acceptable Items

Appliances (White Goods)

White goods are large appliances such as fridges*, freezers*, dehumidifiers*, air conditioners*, water heaters, stoves, washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers.

*Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Regulation 347 requires that items containing ozone-depleting gases have the refrigerant material (Freon) removed by a Ministry certified technician. Do not attempt to remove the refrigerant waste yourself.

The County provides Freon removal service for $15, in addition to the regular waste disposal fee. This charge will only be waived if the appliance has an official tag confirming that the Freon was removed by an MECP certified technician.

Other Acceptable Scrap Metal

  • bicycles
  • swing sets and slides
  • wire
  • toaster ovens
  • aluminium siding
  • ladders
  • pots and pans
  • stairway railings
  • tire rims
  • desks and filing cabinets
  • metal fencing
  • furnaces
  • BBQs
  • lawnmowers

Remove hazardous materials, such as gasoline and oil from items before delivering to the scrap metal bins or designated pile for recycling. This applies particularly to:

  • lawn mowers
  • weed whackers
  • leaf blowers
  • snow blowers
  • oil tanks, etc.
Unacceptable Items
  • those that contain a large amount of non-metal material, e.g., doors, lawn chairs, windows, etc. (dispose of with your regular garbage)
  • propane cylinders and aerosol cans

  • empty paint cans

    • air dry wet paint cans in a well ventilated area and then dispose of with your regular garbage (with the lids off)
  • those which the site attendant assesses are not suitable

Not sure where an item goes? Use the Recycle Coach waste app to look up how to properly dispose of certain items.

Please be aware that there is no opportunity for customers to remove scrap metal or appliances except through the three Reuse Centres.

Bulky or Large Items

Items too large to fit into a user pay garbage bag are not accepted at the curb for waste collection. These items can be brought to any of the County's six waste facilities for disposal. Regular fees apply.

If in good condition, these items can be brought to any of the County's three Reuse Centres to be reused, rather than sent to the landfill. Regular fees apply. Items in good condition can also be sold or donated to charitable organizations.

For help with transportation, please check out the local classifieds.


The County of Wellington accepts tires from residents and farms at no charge at all waste facilities for recycling. There is a maximum of 10 tires per customer per day.

A list of Ontario tire collection locations is available on the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) website. Just enter your postal code to find additional tire collection locations near you.

Tires from businesses are not able to be accepted at County waste facilities. Please go to the RPRA website to find a tire hauler and determine if your business needs to register as a collector.

Acceptable Tires (Residential Customers Only)

On-Road Vehicle Tires

  • passenger, small RV and trailer, light truck and temporary spare
  • motorcycle and golf cart
  • free rolling farm
  • medium truck

Off-the-Road Vehicle Tires

  • agricultural drive and logger skidder
  • forklift, construction equipment
  • small, medium and giant off-the-road

Go green by bringing used tires to a registered collector! Doing so will keep tires from being burned or landfilled.

Tires collected under the RPRA programme will be recycled into new products such as under-the-hood automotive products, flooring, sports fields, playground surfaces, and construction-related equipment and materials.

In 2019, 160.66 tonnes of tires were diverted.

Leaf and Yard Waste

Leaf and yard waste includes leaves, small hedges or tree branches, garden trimmings, dead plants, etc. There is a Leaf and Yard Waste Curbside Collection programme for urban residents in the County. Click on the Leaf and Yard Waste Curbside Collection button below for more details, including the 2021 schedule.

All six County waste facilities accept leaf and yard waste from County of Wellington residents, free of charge. This material is accepted from Spring through Fall (approximately April through November) every year. Click on the Leaf and Yard Waste at Waste Facilities button below to learn more.

Please note, grass clippings are not accepted as leaf and yard waste, and must be managed separately. Click on the Grasscycling button below for more information.

Many residents may also choose to compost leaf and yard waste in their own backyard. Click on the Composting Leaf and Yard Waste at Home button below for some tips and easy steps for composting your leaf and yard waste.


Leaf and Yard Waste Curbside Collection

Leaf and Yard Waste at Waste Facilities


Composting Leaf and Yard Waste at Home



Greentec collects and processes the electronic waste that is accepted at each of our waste facilities. Greentec recovers metals, glass and plastics from e-waste for recycling.

Please follow staff directions for proper material placement.

There is no charge to recycle your waste electronics.


In 2019, 114.16 tonnes of electronics were collected and diverted from landfill.  


Reuse options:

  • if items can be reused, give away to family or friends, or donate to local community groups, charities, or Computers for Schools
  • take to a Reuse Centre at a County waste facility (fees apply)
  • find out about local organizations that accept computers for reuse, refurbishment, or dismantling
  • remember to remove all personal or confidential data from equipment and drives, or find out if the organization has suitable privacy protection measures in place to ensure your information cannot be accessed

Recycling options:

Solid Waste Services is partnering with Greentec to accept e-waste at each of our waste facilities. Simply place e-waste beside the dedicated bins, as directed by site staff. 

orelectronics recycling bin at sites

  • contact the supplier (retail outlet) or the manufacturer to find out about their recycling options
  • check out the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Recycle Your Electronics website for more recycling options


Acceptable Items
  • computers, monitors, wiring, peripherals including modems
  • printers, photocopiers, fax machines, scanners, typewriters
  • phones, cellphones, pagers, PDAs
  • answering machines, electric typewriters
  • stereo systems, TVs, digital frames, cameras, audio/video recorders and players (MP3, cassette, digital)
  • cable and satellite receivers
Unacceptable Items
  • games, toys
  • power tools
  • small household appliances, such as microwaves, toasters, blenders
Construction and Demolition

Materials known as C and D waste (drywall, shingles, bricks, wood, metals etc.) are accepted as regular waste at County waste facilities. All sites will accept small quantities, but larger loads must go to Riverstown.SWS logo

General disposal fees apply.

Please consider recycling opportunities during renovation or construction projects. When possible, segregate the materials so that recycling opportunities can be maximized.

Not sure where an item goes? Use the Recycle Coach waste app to look up how to properly dispose of certain items.

Some construction or renovation materials need special preparation and arrangements before bringing to a County waste facility:

  • all asbestos must be delivered to Riverstown waste facility since it must be buried immediately upon receipt
  • loose asbestos must be double bagged in heavy duty plastic and tied closed
  • larger asbestos sheets that can't fit into a bag should be kept whole
  • arrangements must be made through the Disposal Compliance Supervisor at least 48 hours in advance
  • inform site attendant of load contents
  • follow site attendant's instructions once you check in at the scale house
  • general disposal fees apply
  • in the disposal of asbestos, a manifest is not necessary

    • The receipt given to the carrier would be presented as proof that the product was disposed of in a responsible way

Small amounts

  • will be accepted at all waste facilities
  • general disposal fees apply

Larger amounts

  • Riverstown waste facility will take larger amounts
  • arrangements must be made through the Disposal Compliance Supervisor at least 48 hours in advance. Please contact SWS to arrange.
  • general disposal fees may apply
  • inform site attendant of load contents and any arrangements made
  • follow site attendant's instructions once you check in at the scale house
 Concrete and Rubble

Small quantities

  • will be accepted at all waste facilities
  • staff have the right to re-direct loads if necessary
  • general disposal fees apply

Larger quantities

  • will only be accepted at Riverstown waste facility 
  • arrangements must be made through the Disposal Compliance Supervisor at least 48 hours in advance. Please contact SWS to arrange.
  • inform site attendant of load contents and any arrangements made
  • follow site attendant's instructions once you check in at the scale house
  • general disposal fees apply
  • will only be accepted at Riverstown waste facility 
  • arrangements must be made through the Disposal Compliance Supervisor at least 48 hours in advance. Please contact SWS to arrange.
  • results of laboratory sampling may be required before disposal
  • general disposal fees apply
  • will only be accepted at Riverstown waste facility 
  • material must be double bagged in heavy duty plastic
  • arrangements must be made through the Disposal Compliance Supervisor at least 48 hours in advance. Please contact SWS to arrange.
  • follow site attendant's instructions once you check in at the scale house
  • general disposal fees apply

Solid Waste Services has a partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline Programme. Funds raised from the sale of the textiles are used to promote the health of Canadians affected by diabetes through research, education, service and advocacy. A Textile Recycling Drop Box is located at every County waste facility. There is no charge to drop off your old textiles. Please place items in a plastic bag for easier drop-off in the bin. Items in good condition will be reused and damaged items will be recycled.

Acceptable items include

  • clothing
  • fabric, yarn
  • bed linen, blankets, pillows
  • sleeping bags
  • belts, bags, purses, hats, shoes, ties, boots
  • drapes
  • stuffed animals

In 2019, 19.59 tonnes of textiles were diverted through the Textile Recycling Drop Boxes.

Wood and Brush

Please ensure that large metal pieces, such as rebar, plates and angle iron, are removed from all wood materials (to prevent damage to chipping equipment). After chipping, the materials are used for waste facility projects (such as roadway building) and other Wellington County initiatives. The site attendant will assess material to determine if it is suitable for chipping. Unacceptable materials are landfilled.

Acceptable Items
  • natural wood
  • brush
  • painted and treated wood
Unacceptable Items
  • termite infested wood
  • burnt wood
  • wood materials with plastic or aluminium siding, metal sheets or strips, steel angle iron, hinges, door/window hardware, large spikes or toxic materials

Regular disposal fees apply.

Wood and brush diversion programmes are available at the following waste facilities:

Christmas Trees

The County of Wellington provides annual natural Christmas tree collection, as well as the opportunity to drop off trees at waste facilities. In addition, there are other collection and drop-off opportunities offered by local organizations throughout the County, as well as creative ways to recycle your tree at home.

Please prepare your tree properly for recycling.

Tree Preparation

Remove all decorations, wire, plastic bags, stands and lights.

Ways to recycle

Drop-Off at Waste Facilities

All County waste facilities will accept Christmas trees at no charge from December 29 to January 30 during regular site hours. Staff will direct you to a specific bin for Christmas trees only. Trees are taken to the Riverstown Landfill and ground into mulch.

Food bank donations are gratefully accepted.

Urban Curbside Collection 

Christmas trees will be collected in urban areas only during the week of January 11. Please have trees out by 7:00 am on Monday to ensure they are collected. However, your tree may not be collected until later in the week. We thank you for your patience.

If you are not sure if you are in an urban curbside collection area, please contact Solid Waste Services.

Trees are taken to All Treat Farms in Arthur and the Riverstown Waste Facility and ground into mulch.

Trees For Tots Collection

The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington will be collecting Christmas trees for their Trees For Tots programme in the following areas: the Township of Puslinch and Rockwood.

To participate in the Trees for Tots Christmas tree collection, please register at www.childrensfoundation.org. If you do not register for this collection you will not be able to participate. The minimum donation amount for this charity is $10 per tree.

Collection will take place on Saturday, January 9, 2021.

Kinsmen Club Collection 

The Kinsmen Club will be collecting Christmas trees at the curb in exchange for food bank donations on Saturday, January 9, 2021 in the following areas: Drayton and Moorefield.

Trees should be set at the curb by 9:00 am. Food bank donations should be attached to the base of the tree for the Kinsmen Club collection. 

Lions Club Collection

The Lions Club will be collecting Christmas trees at the curb on Saturday, January 9, 2021 in Palmerston.

Trees should be set at the curb by 9:00 am.

 Other Drop-Off Options and "Recycling" Ideas

Natural Christmas trees can be reused in many ways. They can serve as food or shelter for birds and animals, landscaping materials, or a source for unique crafting. Check out the tips and local farm drop-offs from Taste Real.


Food bank donations are gratefully accepted by the Kinsmen Club and by County waste facilities when you recycle your tree.

Popular food bank requests
  • canned vegetables, fruit, chili, stew, soup, meat or fish
  • rice, pasta and sauce, dried side dishes (Hamburger Helper, Sidekicks, etc.)
  • peanut butter and jam
  • children's lunch snacks
  • cereal and oatmeal
  • baby supplies, such as formula, diapers (sizes 3 to 6), baby food (no outdated please)
  • cookies, crackers and microwave popcorn
  • baking supplies
  • juice (canned and drink boxes), skim milk powder, coffee and tea
  • condiments
  • toiletries, such as shaving razors, shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, adult Depends, toothbrushes, soap, etc.
  • toilet paper, paper towels and tissue paper
  • cleaning supplies
  • large and small sandwich bags

Please watch expiry dates. Food products past expiry are discarded. Thank you.

Heavy Rigid Plastics

Broken or damaged blue boxes, composters, garbage cans, rain barrels, and plastic pails can be recycled at any of the six County waste facilities. 

Blue boxes can be exchanged for a new one at no cost. 

Regular disposal fees will apply for all other heavy rigid plastic containers.

Election Signs
Note: Election signs are only accepted during an active election.


For many candidates, they may wish to collect and hang onto their signs for reuse in the next election. 


For those who are looking for another option, Solid Waste Services can offer recycling for all types of temporary election signs. We will accept signs made of:

  • Polypropylene (PP) Coreplast
  • Fibre - similar to boxboard

Signs will be accepted at all six County waste facilities at no charge. Please alert site attendant that you have election signs to recycle.

  • Signs must be free of contamination. Remove metal/wood stakes, nails, fasteners, etc. 
  • Signs will be placed in the marked temporary recycling containers. Follow site attendant's directions.
  • Place wood in the wood bin or pile (where available). Place metal in the metal bin. Regular fees apply. 

Please note any signs that are not free of contamination will be treated as garbage and regular fees will apply.

Bale Wrap

SWS partners with Switch Energy Corp. who will collect agricultural film directly from the farmer. There are three types of agricultural plastic which can be recycled in the programme:

  • bale wrap and silage bags
  • net wrap
  • silage tarpsbale wrap

These three material groups must be kept separate for recycling. It is no longer necessary to cut and wrap bale wrap in bundles.

Please contact Switch Energy Corp. to obtain collection bags and to get more information on how to participate.

80171 Kinburn Line 
Clinton, ON N0M 1L0 
T 519.524.0193

Why Recycle Bale Wrap?

  • conserve landfill space

  • open burning of bale wrap causes toxins to be released into the air, which can contaminate groundwater and crops, and cause respiratory problems in humans and animals

    • hazardous by-products such as metals, dioxins and furans can be present in the residual ash (Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)
  • conserve natural resources
  • recycled bale wrap and greenhouse film will be recycled into pellets as a raw material for new garbage bags and consumer products

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