Recycling Drop-off


All County waste facilities have re-opened with their regular operating hours. Reuse Centres will remain closed until further notice.

As part of the re-opening process, please note the following:
- Sites may be extremely busy. Expect significant delays and wait times. Please be patient.
- If possible, visit waste facilities during the week. Saturdays are typically the busiest day.
- The use of masks or face (mouth/nose) coverings is strongly encouraged.
- Please use credit or debit for payment, preferably the tap function.
- Maintain physical distancing, and be expedient on site.
- Follow staff directions.

The health and safety of the public and staff is the top priority as the waste facility services are being restored. Learn more about waste facility hours and locations.

Residents are encouraged to continue to use the curbside service for regular household waste. Trips to waste facilities should be for the disposal of items/materials that cannot be managed through curbside collection services. Curbside collection of both garbage and blue box recyclables will continue throughout Wellington County. All materials should be set-out to the curb by 7:00 am on your regular collection day. Please be advised that garbage must be in County-issued user pay garbage bags in order to be collected. Learn more about curbside collection and learn more about curbside recycling collection.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the waste facility services are being restored.


When you take blue box materials to any of the County's waste facilities, the site attendant will direct you to labelled bins for disposal. There is no charge for recycling blue box materials. Sites collect recyclables in three streams: Containers, Paper Products and Corrugated Cardboard.

Prepare materials

  • rinse containers to remove food or liquids
  • remove plastic straws and place in garbage
  • leave lids and caps on containers
  • place the top of a tin can inside the can to prevent cuts to the sorters
  • do not place any sharp objects with your recyclables (e.g. broken glass, knives, needles etc.) This is a serious health and safety risk to sorters
  • do not place materials in plastic bags

Separate materials and place in correct bin

  • images on this page show materials which are acceptable and how to sort them
  • place items loose in the bins, please do not leave materials in plastic bags

  • do not put plastic bags into the bins - they are not recyclable in the programme and contaminate the load

    • sites have a dedicated container for plastic bags near the paper bin for your use, or take them home to reuse

Corrugated Cardboard

  • corrugated cardboard has a wavy layer between two smooth layers of linerboard
  • remove all contaminants (e.g. plastic liners, Styrofoam and food)
  • place flattened cardboard into the Cardboard bin

Shredded Paper

  • shredded confidential papers can be dumped into the Paper bin - please be sure not to throw in the plastic bag

Acceptable Paper Products

Acceptable Paper Products - cardboard boxes Acceptable Paper Products - Food Containers Acceptable Paper Products - Newspapers

Acceptable Paper Products - Box Board Acceptable Paper Products - Paper Bags Acceptable Paper Products - flattened cardboard

Acceptable Paper Products - Soft Cover books Acceptable Paper Products - Telephone book Acceptable Paper Products - Magazines

Acceptable containers

Acceptable Containers - Glass bottles Acceptable Containers - Aluminum foil Acceptable Containers - cans

Acceptable Containers - rigid containers Acceptable Containers - Milk and soup cartons Acceptable Containers - Beverage cans

Acceptable Containers - household cleaning Acceptable Containers - Health and plastic bottles Acceptable Containers - Wide mouth containers and lids

Plant Pots

By-law 4547-03 provides information for disposal at waste facilities.

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