Reuse Options

To reuse is to use an item more than once in its original form. Giving a second life to used goods diverts waste from County landfills, supports local charities and their recipients, and saves resources and energy needed to make new consumer goods. Together we can make a difference!

There are many opportunities for consumers to reduce waste by using goods as long as they have utility or value. In addition to repairing what is broken, giving to friends, family or community charities, holding a garage sale or selling through classified ads, the County suggests:  

Reuse Centres

Notice: Please note that all County waste facilities are closed to the public at this time in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Three of the County's waste facilities have Reuse Centres. Residents pay to dispose of the item, but can take anything from a Reuse Centre at no charge. A bulletin board is located in each Reuse Centre for bulky items (those that take more than one person to move).


The County of Wellington's Recyclopedia is an online resource designed to help residents decide what to do with unwanted materials or items. Links to local businesses and charities offering alternative diversion opportunities are also listed.

 Wellington Reuses - (Reuse Website)

Give a second life to items in good condition by using the on-line posting board to list items that you no longer want, or to look for items that someone else is giving away. All items posted on this website are available for free. Residents may also post a reuse event such as a garage sale or used book sale.

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