SWS Calendar

The 2020 SWS Calendar is here!

The 2020 Solid Waste Services Calendar is a great resource full of information and tips. It also introduces you to our new and very exciting collection services beginning in July 2020!

The full detailed participation information will be delivered to every household starting in May. Stay tuned!

2019 County Waste Calendar This year we have also partnered with The Wellington County Museum and Archives who generously shared with us some amazing photos. Each of the monthly photos are images of our residents from years gone by. You may recognize a face or two.

Thank you to the lovely County of Wellington Archive staff for all your help!

You can search the rest of the Archives collection at www.wellington.ca/museum or by popping by the Museum and Archives for a visit.

 Download the accessible and printable version of the 2020 Waste Calendar.

2019 SWS Calendar

Each month has a handy tip about waste management and diversion, along with a photo showcasing the many beautiful areas and exiting activities the County of Wellington has to offer.

2019 County Waste Calendar

The calendar includes all of the key information you need to access our many solid waste services and programmes, including:

  • hours and locations of our waste facilities
  • what's accepted in our blue box programme
  • statutory holiday service changes
  • rural curbside collection schedule
  • the hours and location of our award-winning Mobile Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Depot

2018 SWS Calendar

cement arch bridge with water flowing over rocks underneathThe focus of the 2018 calendar is on protecting and appreciating the beauty of Wellington County.  Each month includes a photo taken somewhere in Wellington County.  Each of these monthly photos were submitted by people who appreciate this scenic County and is accompanied by tips on simple ways each of us can help to "Keep Wellington Beautiful".



2017 SWS Calendar

2017 Solid Waste Services CalendarThe 2017 calendar theme examines what happens to waste materials managed by SWS. Each month focuses on a different item that SWS handles in the waste stream.

It explains the role each of us plays in the process to properly manage and divert or dispose of items we all have, and what happens once they leave your home.


2016 SWS Calendar 2016 Solid Waste Services Calendar

The theme of this year's calendar is "The Three R's and More". We are familiar with the well known Three R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. However, there are many more R's which help protect the environment. Each month will highlight one of the R's. 

This calendar won a Gold Promotion and Education Award in the calendar category for municipalities with under 40,000 households. This award was presented by the Municipal Waste Assocation (MWA). 

2015 SWS Calendar 2015 SWS Calendar Cover

The focus of the 2015 SWS Calendar was on our "GREEN" strategy. Each month we looked at ways the County and SWS do their best to protect and enhance the natural environment.


2014 Solid Waste Services Calendar2014 SWS Calendar

The theme of the 2014 SWS Calendar  was "WHY". Each month focused on answering one of the many "Why's" we get from residents on our various programmes and services.  The calendar includes information on our many diversion programmes including blue box recycling, household hazardous waste and electronics.


2013 SWS Calendar

This informative calendar includes everything you need to know aboutSWS 2013 Calendar garbage, recycling and composting in Wellington County.

We were pleased and honoured to be recognized by the Municipal Waste Assocation (MWA) for the SWS 2013 Calendar. Each year the MWA hosts their Promotion and Education awards for materials related to any municipal waste management or diversion programme. Winners were announced at the MWA Fall Workshop in October 2013. This calendar won silver in the calendar category for municipalities with 30,000 plus households. 

Congratulations to all of the staff involved in this award-winning publication!

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