Resident Services

The Wellington Terrace is committed to providing the best care for their residents. Learn more about the clinics, services, and specialized programmes the Wellington Terrace has to offer.

Clinics and Services

Dental Services

A Dental Hygienist provides dental services. The on-site dental hygienist provides services such as dental cleanings, denture cleaning, stain removal. Clients may book appointments directly with the dental office.

Advanced Footcare Services

A fully qualified Advanced Foot Care Nurse is available to conduct advanced foot care. Appointments are arranged through the team leader in each neighbourhood.

Hair Salon

Hair care service is provided for both men and women.  Haircuts, washes, sets, colours, perms and treatments are available on a fee for service basis.

Dementia Supported Care

Wellington Terrace is committed to responding to dementia care needs while respecting the dignity and individuality of the Resident. Our dementia supported programme includes:

  • Montessori Approach to dementia care
  • Snoezelen equipment
  • A secured neighbourhood ensures safety for Residents
  • Recreation Therapy programmes and individual supports
  • Geriatric Psychiatry access through GeriMed Risk Services

Behaviour Supports RPN and PSW assess residents and develop a "tool box" of interventions for the team to utilize to minimize responsive behaviours. 

Listen, Talk, Connect

This button will take you to a document published in the UK, which we think is a very useful guide to assist families and care givers in supporting someone with dementia. It demonstrates a language and approach to care, we strive for.

Palliative Care

We endeavour to enhance the final stages of life for our residents through a compassionate and dignified approach to care. We encourage families to be involved in the decisions around physical, emotional and spiritual care, giving them an opportunity to prepare for the death of a loved one.

We provide:

  • Pain and symptom management in consultation with physicians
  • Spiritual support
  • Emotional preparation for death
  • Family support
  • Support from recreation, spiritual care, physiotherapy and dietary as needed
  • Trained volunteers and staff can be present with residents to support families. 
  • Ongoing education/training of staff
  • Access to a Family suite to allow family to stay on site with their loved one
Restorative Care
Restorative Care strives to provide residents in long term care with the best quality of life possible. Restorative Care involves an inter-disciplinary approach to promote the highest level of functioning that the resident can attain. This may be achieved through exercise, nutrition, optimal communication and social interaction between staff and residents.

At Wellington Terrace, the Physiotherapy Department plays an integral role in helping our residents attain their highest possible level of well-being. Two physiotherapists and one physiotherapy assistant ensure that each resident receives the treatment they need.

Our staff members have extensive knowledge and experience in the various physiotherapy specializations: orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, geriatrics, and pain management.

Each new resident receives a full physiotherapy assessment when they arrive. If necessary, they are placed on a treatment programme tailored to their specific needs and abilities. Our most common interventions involve increasing independence and mobility, decreasing pain, and minimizing complications from existing conditions. Treatments are part of a interdisciplinary careplan and take place two to three times per week. Upon completion of their treatment, residents have other options the help them to maintain and enjoy the results.

As part of the interdisciplinary health care team the physiotherapy department is in constant contact with other departments such as nursing, recreation, and restorative care. This communication allows us to integrate each resident's treatment programme across departments and ensures continuity when their physiotherapy is complete.

In addition to one-on-one treatment, the physiotherapy department also offers a group session for our more active residents. This session focuses on improving balance and strength and occurs twice per week.

Each member of the physiotherapy staff takes great pride in striving to maintain the highest standard of patient care and following best practice principles. 



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