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Working at Wellington Terrace

The County of Wellington is hiring for diverse and challenging opportunities that allow our employees to make a difference in the community.

If you are interested in becoming part of a team that invests in human potential, please respond to the Wellington Terrace job postings listed on the Employment Opportunities page.

Accommodations are available for all aspects of the recruitment process. Applicants should make their needs known in advance. View our Accessibility page for information on how we're making Wellington County more accessible. 

Please note that international credentials may need to be assessed in order to determine Canadian equivalency.  Visit the  Canadian Foreign Credentials Referral Office website for more details.

Our Culture of Respect

At Wellington Terrace our staff and managers work together to create and maintain a culture of respect that guides our working relationships; our professional interactions and the use of our resources. We embrace and celebrate this culture.

On the job …

  • I wear my name tag so everyone can call me by name.

  • I am aware that people leading me are helping me to work towards our common goals.

  • I take care of the equipment and ensure supplies are available for all staff.

  • I appreciate everyone’s unique role and what they contribute within the home.

  • I greet and acknowledge my team members as I pass them in the hallways.

In My communication …

  • I address issues as they arise without making it personal. I use the communication tools that I have been shown to help guide my conversation.

  • I have face to face conversations whenever possible.

  • I respect confidentiality at all times.

  • I actively participate as a team member and attentively listen to the ideas of others.

  • I am aware of my body language especially during discussions or meetings.

  • I am respectful to my coworkers’ break time.  The volume of my voice and topic of conversation will be appropriate.

  • I choose private spaces and appropriate times when I speak to others about sensitive issues.

  • I bring laughter and humour to my day however my humour will never offend. 

  • I do not gossip. 

  • I am sensitive of staff’s personal information at all times including when using social media.

  • I use professional language and tone when communicating person to person and when using technology.

  • I take responsibility to manage my work correspondence: reading communication books and memos, checking my mail box, and reviewing emails.

When interacting with new staff and students …

  • I am patient and helpful with new staff/students as it takes time to learn a new job.

  • I take my assignment of training new staff/students seriously.

  • I ensure my co-worker’s orientation is successful.

  • I take every opportunity to help new staff/students by creating an open relationship in which they feel comfortable approaching me.

In and around the building …

  • I park where I am assigned to ensure the safety of all staff.

  • I clean up after myself in the lunch room, locker room and work stations.

With my team …

  • I present as a professional ensuring my attire and grooming are appropriate. 

  • I maintain a balance between professional relationships and friendships.

  • I treat others equally and with fairness.

  • I don’t measure the volume of my work or the work of others, I focus on the outcomes.

  • I do everything I can to stay healthy and organize my private life so I can commit to my work schedule.

  • I recognize good work throughout the home and thank others.

  • I recognize my co-workers for their professional achievements.

  • I appreciate the diversity of my co-workers.

  • I acknowledge that our teams may not always agree.  I continue to work collaboratively.

  • I work at making a change following coaching.  I don’t take it personally.


Meet some of our staff and learn about their career path:

Why do you love working at the Terrace?

Caitlyn, Recreational Therapist

Randy, Personal Support Worker

Joeleen, Personal Support Worker

Shannon, Neighbourhood Clerk

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