Frequently Asked Questions

Can a resident keep their own doctor?

The vast majority of residents at the Terrace are seen by our Medical Director or Attending Physician. If you choose to retain your own physician they must be available to visit you at the Home regularly and have 'on call' support available

Do you prepare your own food on site?

This is a popular question. Yes we do prepare most of our food from scratch. There are some good quality prepared items on the market these days, however most of our entrees and desserts are made on site. We have a priority to make salads on site and once a week baker prepares baked goods that are used for meals and snacks over the week.

Can a family member join a resident for a meal?

Yes. We welcome family members to join our residents for a meal. We ask folks to book in advance and the cost is minimal.

Do you have visiting hours?

Since Wellington Terrace is our resident's home we recognize some residents will have varying schedules and preferences. For that reason we don't limit access to residents but rather give family guidance when residents may be occupied with a meal, a favourite activity, or an appointment with one of our clinical staff.

What is your wait list?

Home and Community Care Access Support Services manages the wait list for all long term care homes in the Waterloo Wellington area and across the province. Because HCCASS establishes the priority that people are placed at on the list we are not able to provide the actual number. For more information please refer to the HCCASS website.

Do you provide Palliative care support to my loved one and family?

Yes we do. We can provide palliative support to residents and their loved one without unnecessary transfers to the hospital. Our focus is on resident's comfort including pain and symptom management and supporting families through the end of the life journey.

Do residents get transferred within the home?

Our goal is to limit the number of moves a resident makes to avoid unnecessary disruptions to orientation and routines. Each neighbourhood responds to a level of care. However, occasionally resident's functional ability will change affecting their care level. At that time we may recommend a move to a resident home area where the level of care matches their current needs. That may mean, suitable lift equipment, level of staffing, type of recreational programming, etc

Can I bring in food from home?

Our residents receive 3 meals a day and between meal snacks which are nutritionally adequate for our residents and well received however a family may bring in a snack or favourite dish as a special treat. We encourage snack to be consumed at time of visit to ensure perishables are not left in resident room. We are not able to store food specific to residents. Families may also arrange to organize a dinner gathering using our dining room facilities with fridge and stove.

What furniture do you provide?

We provide a height adjustable bed, bedside table, lamp, dresser and arm chair. Many residents choose to enhance these furnishings or for example replace our dresser with one from home. We do request that residents use our height adjustable bed assigned and not bring one from home. Depending on the mobility of the resident, the amount of additional furnishings may be limited if there is a risk of tripping hazards

Do you have organized tours?

Yes, please contact Mary Black at ext. 7266 

You can view our virtual tour here:    

Virtual Tour Video

If I bring my family member in for a tour, could I borrow a wheelchair to view the place?

Yes, when a tour occurs based on a bed offer, we would be happy to provide a chair for a tour of your family member. However a handy tool you may want to access is a virtual tour that allow someone to view our home from the computer.

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