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Each municipality must develop and implement an emergency management programme to protect the lives and property of its citizens. All levels of local government must complete the elements required by the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and meet compliance annually.

The County of Wellington's emergency management programme is unique because the Emergency Management Division takes a functioning lead role to manage the entire programme on behalf of our seven member municipalities.

We proactively work with our member municipalities to identify natural, human-induced, and technological hazards and their associated risks. Plans and procedures are developed to help mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from these identified hazards and further inform key programme elements.

Some of the key elements in our emergency management programme include:

  • Preparing and maintaining the County wide emergency response plan
  • Preparing and maintaining municipal specific emergency operations procedures and resources
  • Delivering County wide public education programmes
  • Hosting and participating in specialized emergency management training
  • Conducting annual emergency exercises to test plans, policies and procedures
  • Liaising with supporting and assisting emergency management organizations such as Emergency Management Ontario, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), provincial and federal ministries, critical infrastructure stakeholders, etc.
  • Monitoring for and advising of emergent or ongoing hazards to the County and member municipalities
  • Assisting municipalities during significant emergencies and incidents
  • Managing provincial compliance requirements and submission

Your Emergency Management (EM) Team:

Hurania Melgar
EM Manager/CEMC

Cathy Sweeney
EM Assistant

Heather Wickenheiser
EM Coordinator (North)

Nathan Latulippe
EM Coordinator (South)

Emergency Management Staff Team Photo

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