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 Dial 911 for Emergency Help

This will connect you to Ambulance, Police or Fire when you require immediate emergency assistance.

We work with many partners in the County, for more information click on the plus sign below to expand the list containing links to their websites.

Wellington County OPP

For all emergencies in Wellington County dial 9-1-1
For all non-emergencies dial Dispatch Centre 1-888-310-1122

 Message from Wellington County Detachment Commander

The Wellington County OPP is privileged to serve this community in conjunction with our many community partners and with the support of the Wellington County Police Services Board and County Council.

Please take a moment to look through this section where you will find information about the services we offer and the important work we do daily within the community.  The Wellington County OPP is committed to the values of community policing. We strive to keep our communities safe and vibrant through crime prevention strategies, law enforcement and continuous collaboration with County residents and community partners.  The Wellington County OPP will continue to serve the inclusive and diverse communities of Wellington County by building relationships, delivering policing excellence and providing assistance to those who need our help.     

Inspector Steve Thomas Wellington County OPP Detachment Commander.

Detachment Commander Steve Thomas

 Auxiliary Unit
The Ontario Provincial Police auxiliary programme is the largest police volunteer programme in North America. The County of Wellington OPP Auxiliary Unit consists of 20 volunteer officers.

Auxiliary officers assist regular officers at major events and assist officers on patrol. Volunteer auxiliary officers undergo the regular training that full time OPP officers must complete each year, including mandatory firearms requalification.

Each officer is required to volunteer a minimum of 180 hours each year. This consists of 120 hours of either patrol time or time spent attending special events and an additional 60 hours of mandatory training.

The basic qualifications for becoming an auxiliary officer are:

  • Canadian citizen                                                                   
  • 18 years of age                                                        
  • Good moral conduct                                             
  • Acceptable driving record                                   
  • No criminal record   

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wellington County OPP Auxiliary Unit, more information and an application can be found at this link to the OPP website page.                 

 Crime Prevention Programs

SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Program 

This program is designed to offer tips and strategies to those residents in our community that may find themselves victimized by a residential break and enter. After the incident an Ontario Provincial Police officer will contact the victim and offer a free security audit of their home. This approximate three hour assessment performed by trained member's of Wellington's OPP Auxiliary Policing Program offers common "target hardening" techniques that could be implemented by homeowners to "safeguard" themselves from future incidents. The goal of the program is to help reduce or prevent residential revictimization and encourage homeowners to share their newfound safety knowledge with family, friends, and neighbours.

K.I.D.S Program

Wellington County OPP support and administer this programme. K.I.D.S. stands for Knowledge, Issues, Decisions, and Support. The programme is meant to assist students in making informed decisions and making them aware of issues such as bullying, online safety, drugs, and mental illness. 


The Youth Resiliency Officer with the Wellington County OPP teaches the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program. D.A.R.E is the most comprehensive drug prevention curricula in the world taught in thousands of schools throughout America’s 50 states and its territories, as well as in 50+ other countries reaching more than 1.5 million students annually.

The D.A.R.E. program offers students the opportunity to gain a trustworthy adult friend, develop a positive attitude toward law enforcement personnel, and acquire greater respect for the law.


Pay a Parking Ticket
Within 15 calendar days of the date noted on the ticket, you may exercise option 2 as listed on the back of your ticket and below. Option 1 (A) may only be exercised within 15 days of the date noted on the ticket. If you exercise no option, a conviction may be entered against you without further notice. On conviction, you will be required to play the set fine, plus court costs. An administrative fee is payable if the fine goes into default.

Option 1: Payment

  • Voluntary Early Payment: (If applicable see front of notice) within 15 calendar days of notice date.
  • Payment of Set Fine: Failure to exercise this option within 30 calendar days will result in a conviction being entered against you without further notice.

Payment Options

Please be advised the County of Wellington will no longer be accepting walk in parking ticket payments until further notice. Visa/debit or Mastercard/debit transactions are not an approved method of payment.

  • Mail: Write the number of the Parking Infraction Notice on the front of your cheque or money order and make it payable to: "County of Wellington". Mail or deliver your payment to the address below.
  • Pay by phone: You can pay by phone using you Visa or Mastercard. You can pay your ticket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1.877.983.2411. Enter "Wellington" as your city. (There is a convenience charge of $2.50 for this service).
  • Pay online: You can pay online using your Visa or Mastercard. You can pay you ticket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (There is a $2.50 processing fee for this service).

Pay Online

Option 2: Trial Option - Notice of Intention to Appear to Appear in Court

  1. I intend to appear in court to enter a plea at the time and date set for trial. 
  2. I intend to challenge the evidence of the Officer who completed the Parking Infraction Notice.
Police Services Board
The Wellington County Police Services Board is a five member civilian body that oversees the Wellington County OPP. The Police Services Board gets it's authority from the Police Services Act.

R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER P.15. Wellington County has a six year contract with the OPP to provide policing services.

The Police Services Act sets out who will be members of the Board.

Board Membership:

  • Warden Lennox| Email
  • Councillor Campbell | Email
  • Allan Alls - Citizen Appointee | Email
  • Provincial Appointee - vacant
  • Provincial Appointee - vacant

The County of Wellington OPP Detachment was formed on September 8, 1999 as a result of the amalgamation of municipal police services in Fergus, Harriston and Palmerston along with the Guelph and Mount Forest Detachments of the Ontario Provincial Police. This amalgamation resulted in the OPP being responsible for providing police services for the entire County except the City of Guelph. 

 False Alarms

Policy Statement

The Wellington County OPP responds to false intrusion alarms every year. It is found that most of the “At Fault” False Alarms are activated by faulty equipment or human error.  The Wellington County Police Services Board and the Wellington County OPP will work toward reducing the number of “At Fault” False Alarms requiring police response by monitoring alarm locations and issuing fee invoices to the owners of premises having “At Fault” False Alarms.

                         Alarm System


This policy applies to the Wellington County OPP and the County of Wellington Alarm Coordinator and OPP Communications Operators for the County of Wellington, commencing February 1, 2022.


Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P15, Section 10 and Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, Section 391


1.0 Definitions
2.0 Alarm Verification
3.0 Registration
4.0 Automatic Dialing Alarms
5.0 Fees for False Alarms
6.0 Appeal Procedure
7.0 Collection as Taxes
8.0 Public Notice 

1.0 Definitions

1.1 “Valid Alarm” is an alarm signal which has been activated for the purpose for which it was installed such as: warning of an attempted or completed criminal offence, or an emergency situation in relation to the premise in which the alarm device or system is installed.

1.2 “At Fault” False Alarm is any alarm signal activated unnecessarily, carelessly, improperly, or for a purpose other than that for which the alarm device or system is installed and includes:

1.2.1 testing of an alarm without prior notification and approval of the officer-in-charge of the Wellington County OPP;

1.2.2 an alarm reporting an attempted or completed criminal offence or an emergency situation occurring on or in relation to the premise in which the alarm device or system is installed where no evidence exists that any such event took place;

1.2.3 an alarm actually or apparently activated by mechanical failure, malfunction or faulty equipment; or,

1.2.4 an alarm activated by subscriber or owner negligence or carelessness.

1.3 “No Fault” False Alarm is an alarm that prompts a police response to a premise where an emergency does not exist and the alarm was triggered by natural causes or conditions beyond the control of the alarm user including, but not limited to, an alarm actually or apparently activated by atmospheric conditions, excessive vibrations or extended power failure.

1.4 “Normal Business Hours” is the period during which any premise is open for business and includes one hour prior to opening and one hour after closing. 

1.5  “Verification” occurs when an alarm company or monitoring agency establishes whether or not a police response is required by first contacting their subscriber to confirm, when possible, if the alarm is genuine.

1.6 “Approved alarm monitoring station(s) or alarm company(ies)” is one which meets the satisfaction of the Wellington County OPP Alarm Co-ordinator as being bona fide.

1.7 “Alarm holder” is the person or persons who is recorded with the alarm company or monitoring agency as being the owner or operator of an alarm system.

2.0 Alarm Verification

2.1 Verification is required for all intrusion alarms or alarms to automatic banking machines which occur during the normal business hours of the premise involved.  The alarm monitoring station is responsible for verifying these types of alarms.

Verification may also be requested by the officer dispatched to an alarm or the Officer-In-Charge of the Wellington County OPP when;

2.1.1 an intrusion alarm is activated in a building during normal business hours or when it is reasonably expected that authorized persons are or should be in the building in question;

2.1.2 when the same alarm is activated more than once during the officer’s tour of duty and the alarm is obviously malfunctioning, or;

2.1.3 when several alarms are activated within a short period of time during an electrical storm or a power failure.

3.0 Registration

3.1 The Alarm Co-ordinator shall compile an alarm list of the alarm holders and the property owners of alarm systems which cause or have caused “At Fault” False Alarms, for statistical, policy and billing purposes.

3.2 Upon request, alarm companies or monitoring agencies shall provide to the Alarm Co-ordinator the name and address and other reasonable information relating to alarm holders and property owners as may be required for the purposes of this policy.

4.0 Automatic Dialing Alarms

4.1 Automatic Dialing Alarms causing “At Fault” False Alarms requiring response by the Wellington County OPP shall be subject to the fees set out in Section 5.0 “Fees for False Alarms”.

5.0 Fees for False Alarms

5.1 The alarm holder and the registered title owner of a property containing an alarm system which causes an “At Fault” False Alarm and a response or responses by the Wellington County OPP shall be jointly and severally liable to pay to the Corporation of the County of Wellington the following fees:

5.1.1 $385 for the first, second and third alarm within twelve months of the first; and,

5.2 Fourth and subsequent “at fault” false alarms within a twelve month period of the first shall require a notice, including a written report from the OPP concerning the incident, to be mailed by regular mail to the alarm holder and the registered title owner of the property at least 15 days before the Board meets to determine the issue.  The alarm holder or the registered title owner, or a duly appointed agent, shall be entitled to address the Board in writing or in person at the meeting.  If the alarm holder or the registered title owner is unable to satisfy the Board that an “at fault” false alarm did not occur, the Board shall proceed to impose a fee in the amount of $385.00 for the fourth “at fault” false alarm within twelve months. If the alarm holder or the registered owner does not appear at the meeting, the Board may proceed in their absence.

5.3 Twelve months from the time of an alarm system’s first “At Fault” False Alarm, the Alarm Co-ordinator shall revise the alarm list created under subsection 3.1, so  that the fee schedule of subsection 5.1 applies as though there had been no previous “At Fault” False Alarms.

5.4 In the case of chronic “At Fault” False Alarm system owners, ie. those incurring four or more responses within a twelve month period, the Board may direct the Alarm Co-ordinator not to apply the terms of subsection 5.3, and to continue to record the number of “At Fault” False Alarm responses in the alarm list.

5.5 When chronic “At Fault” False Alarm system owners have a period of twelve consecutive months without requiring police response, the Alarm Co-ordinator will advise the Board, and apply the terms of subsection 5.3.

6.0 Appeal Procedure

6.1 Alarm holders may appeal in writing only to the Alarm Co-ordinator for a written decision waiving a fee if:

6.1.1 the alarm holder can satisfy the attending OPP officers that the system was malfunctioning during the false alarm attended by them;

6.1.2 the alarm holder can satisfy the Alarm Co-ordinator that the system was malfunctioning during one or more of the false alarms attended by the police, and;

6.1.3 the alarm holder can demonstrate in writing signed by an approved alarm monitoring station or alarm company that significant corrective action was  taken to repair or replace a faulty or inadequate alarm system.

6.2 An appeal by an alarm holder or the registered title owner of a property containing an alarm system, or the Wellington County OPP from a decision of the Alarm Co-ordinator lies to the Wellington County Police Services Board (the Board).  The appeal may be in writing or in person at a regularly scheduled Board meeting, provided the appeal is commenced by notice, in writing, within 30 days of the decision of the Alarm Co-ordinator.  The decision of the Board shall be final.

7.0 Collection as Taxes

7.1 Fees not paid from which no appeal has been commenced within the applicable time shall be added to the tax roll in accordance with the terms of Section 398 of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25.

8.0 Public Notice

8.1 Annually, and more frequently if required by the Board, the Alarm Co-ordinator will ensure a public notice of Board By-law 1-22 and the terms of the “At Fault” False Alarm Reduction Policy.  The public notice may take the form of newspaper advertising, or web-site posting, or tax bill inserts, or any combination of the three.

 Wellington County OPP Operation Center Locations
For all EMERGENCIES in Wellington County dial 9-1-1

For all NON-EMERGENCIES call the Dispatch Centre at 1-888-310-1122

Centre Wellington Operations Centre
470 Wellington Road 18
Fergus ON N1M 2W3
T 519.846.5930
F 519.846.5460

South Wellington Operations Centre
5145 Wellington Road 27
Rockwood ON N0B 2K0
T 519.856.1506
F 519.856.2372

North Wellington Operations Centre
6725 Wellington Road 109
PO Box 729
Palmerston ON N0G 2P0
T: 519.343.5770
F: 519.343.5780 


A NON-EMERGENCY is a situation when the safety of people and/or property is NOT at immediate risk. 

In these situations, please use the NON-EMERGENCY OPP Dispatch Centre phone at 1-888-310-1122.  Alternately you can use the following links to our service agency partners websites for additional information:

Municipal Fire Departments

Township of Centre Wellington - Fire & Rescue

Town of Erin - Fire & Emergency Services

Township of Guelph/Eramosa - Fire Services

Township of Mapleton - Fire/Rescue Emergency Response

Town of Minto - Fire Department

Township of Puslinch - Fire & Rescue 

Township of Wellington North - Fire Services

Municipalities in Wellington County

Township of Centre Wellington

Town of Erin

Township of Guelph/Eramosa

Township of Mapleton

Town of Minto

Township of Puslinch

Township of Wellington North

Conservation Authority Links

Credit Valley Conservation Authority

Grand River Conservation Authority

Halton Conservation

Hamilton Conservation Authority

Maitland Conservation Authority

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority

Public Access Defibrillators

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