A Farm Data Sheet is used to gather information to ensure that Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) guidelines are met. MDS is a tool established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to determine a recommended distance between a livestock facility and another land use. The objective is to prevent land use conflicts and minimize nuisance complaints due to odour. MDS does not account for noise, dust or wind direction. Minimum Distance Separation will vary according to the type of livestock, size of farm operation, type of manure system and form of development present or proposed. MDS I provides minimum distance separation for new development from existing livestock facilities.

We would encourage the calculation of MDS I as early as possible in the planning process. In all cases, the applicant will be responsible for collecting and submitting the required Farm Data Sheet(s) to the Wellington County Planning Department. The owner of the livestock facility is responsible for completing and signing the Farm Data Sheet.

Farm Data Sheet