Active Applications

Active Applications

Please use the interactive map below to view proposed development applications that have been submitted to the County of Wellington.


Please visit your local municipal website to view development applications overseen by the local municipality. 


23T-90021 Clair Ridge Estates, Palmerston (Town of Minto) - Revised March 2022 

23T-98003 Riverview Heights, Maryborough (Mapleton)

23T-10005 Glenaviland Development Corporation, Maryborough (Mapleton) - Red Line Revised February 27, 2024

23T-15004 Clark-Heinmiller Subdivision, Palmerston (Town of Minto) - Red Line Revised June 29, 2023 

23T-18002 Ainley Subdivision, Elora (Centre Wellington) - Draft Approved

23T-18003 2626514 Ontario Limited (Metzger) - Lawrence Avenue, Harriston (Town of Minto) - Draft Approved

23T-18004 2574574 Ontario Inc. - London Road, Mount Forest (Wellington North) - Registered

23T-18005 Elora Ridge Developments - Inverhaugh (Centre Wellington) - Draft Approved

23T-18006 Homes in the Hills - Part Lot 14, Concession 9 (Town of Erin)

23T-18007 940749 Ontario Limited - 460 Domville Street, Arthur (Wellington North) - Draft Approved

23T-19001 Terrell Heard - Part Lot 13, Concession 3, Ospringe (Town of Erin) - Draft Approved 

23T-20201 Mex Developments - 304 Elora Street, Harriston (Town of Minto) - Phase Registered 

23T-20202 Cachet Developments - Arthur (Wellington North) - Registered

23T-20203 John Welton Custom Homebuilding Ltd. - Mount Forest (Wellington North) - Revised January 2022

23T-21001 Glen Allan Subdivision (Mapleton) - Draft Approved

23T-21002 Hillsburgh Heights Inc - Briarwood Subdivision (Town of Erin)

23T-22001 Fergus Developments Inc (Centre Wellington)

23T-22002 EC (Erin) GP Inc (Town of Erin) - Revised January 2024

23T-22003 2779176 Ontario Inc. - Mattamy (Erin) Ltd. (Town of Erin) - Revised November 2023

23T-22004 2779181 Ontario Inc. - Coscorp (Town of Erin) - Revised November 2023

23T-22005 Cachet Developments (Elora) Inc. - Clayton Subdivision (Centre Wellington)

23T-22006 2786713 Ontario Inc. VED Homes - Part Park Lot 3, S/S Domville Street (Wellington North) - Draft Approved

23T-23001 Betty Dee Limited - Mount Forest (Wellington North)

23T-23003 Beachcroft Investments Inc. - Hillsburgh (Town of Erin) - Revised March 2024

23T-23004 Marann Homes - 47 Bedford Road, Guelph (Guelph-Eramosa)

23T-23005 BelCal Inc - Part Lot 12, Concession 7 (Centre Wellington)

23T-23006 Will-O Homes - Part Lot 17, Concession 4 (Guelph-Eramosa)


23CD-19001 North Rockwood Developments Inc. (Guelph/Eramosa) - Draft Approved 

23CD-20202 Jennark Homes - Beatty Line North, Fergus (Centre Wellington)

23CD-20203 Wrighthaven Homes Ltd - 112 Sideroad 19, Fergus (Centre Wellington) - Revised Sept 2021 

23CD-20204 Douglas Crescent Condominiums - 11 Douglas Crescent (Centre Wellington) - Draft Approved

23CD-21001 James Keating Construction - 99 Farley Drive, Fergus (Centre Wellington) - Initial Phase Registered

23CD-21002 Granite Homes - Haylock Farm Ltd - Elora/Salem (Centre Wellington) - Initial Phase Registered

23CD-21003 Haylock Farm Ltd - Elora/Salem (Centre Wellington) - Revised Dec 2023

23CD-22001 Fergus Developments Inc (Centre Wellington)

23CD-22002 Elora South Inc (Centre Wellington)

23CD-22003 961 St. David St N (Centre Wellington)

23CD-23001 Timberworx - 111 Gregson Court (Centre Wellington)

23CD-23002 Creek Meadows - Palmerston (Town of Minto)

23CD-23003 Asdin Hospitality Ltd - 820 St. David St, Fergus (Centre Wellington)

23CD-23004 Habitat for Humanity - 465 Garafraxa Street W (Centre Wellington)

23CD-23005 Granite Homes South River Inc - Elora (Centre Wellington) - Draft Approved 

Official Plan Amendments:

OP-2020-01 Wellington County Official Plan Review

OP-2020-02 Mex Developments (Town of Minto)

OP-2020-04 CBM Lanci Pit (Puslinch)

OP-2020-05 Robert Bryce McEnery (Town of Erin)

OP-2021-01 North Arthur Developments Inc and Clark Bros Contracting Ltd (Wellington North)

OP-2021-02 Audrey Meadows (Puslinch)

OP-2022-01 Fergus Developments Inc (Centre Wellington)

OP-2022-02 Development Approval Process Updates (OPA 121)

OP-2023-01 5053745 Ontario Inc (Wellington North)


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