Ainley Subdivision (Elora)

Ainley Subdivision (Elora) - Part of Lots 17 and 18, Concession 12 (Centre Wellington)

File Number: 23T-18002

Status: Under Review

Description: 117 Single Detached Residential lots; 62 units On-Street Townhouses; 58 unit Apartment; Blocks on Plan for Stormwater Management; Park; Open Space; Future Development and Roads; total area 21.4603 ha

Associated Reports and Materials:Map of subject lands

Notice of Complete Application

Draft Plan

Environmental Impact Study October 2017

Environmental Impact Study Addendum July 2019

Transportation Impact Study October 2017

Planning Justification Report May 2018

Preliminary Servicing and Stormwater Management Report July 2019

Stage 1 Background Study and Stage 2 Assessment Final Report July 2019

Odour Emission Summary September 2018

Acoustic Impact Assessment Report June 2019

Methane Gas Monitoring and Risk Review August 2018 



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